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Welcome to Queenanneboleyn.com (QAB), a non-income bearing website highlighting biographical and historical fiction writers, bloggers, vloggers, craftsmen, and poets. At Queenanneboleyn.com, there is a home for anyone who loves to write about history. For more information, feel free to contact site administrator Beth von Staats via our Contact page.


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Beth von Staats

Beth von Staats is the owner and administrator of Queenanneboleyn.com. The author of Thomas Cranmer in a Nutshell, Beth specializes in writing magazine articles, online historical articles, short stories, and flash fiction.

Beth’s interest in British History grew through the profound influence of her Welsh grandparents, both of whom desired she learn of her family cultural heritage. Her most pronounced interest lies with the men and women who drove the course of events and/or who were most poignantly impacted by the English Henrician and Protestant Reformations, as well as the Tudor Dynasty of English and Welsh History in general.

By profession, Beth works in non-profit program administration as Director of Residential Services and Supports at New England Village in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

Thomas Cranmer in a Nutshell

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Pinky is the web designer of Queenanneboleyn.com. Pinky also provides technical support for the website. A lover of Tudor History, QAB’s domain name, “google gold”, wasgifted to us by Pinky to insure a safe haven for history lovers.

Pinky is a digital Content Creator and long time comedian. The host of The Pinklatex Show  on TWITCH and her own comedy podcast  TPS “Comedy Podcast” on thepinklatexshow.com.  Pinky enjoys a loyal following in the tens of thousands. Techie Queen, Content Creator, Comedian, Gamer, Cosplayer, costume designer, and artist, Pinky is Reason #1 why Queenanneboleyn.com is with us here on the world wide web today. We love you, Pinky!



Mercy Rivera

Mercy Alicea is a popular short deep introspection fiction and non-fiction history writer composing in both English and Spanish. Mercy is also well known for her beautifully crafted historically themed videos. Mercy’s blog “Hall of Crowns” is hosted here at Queenanneboleyn.com. A founding member of Queenanneboleyn.com, Mercy’s contributions to the website are prolific. Mercy and her life partner Luis reside in Puerto Rico.

Mercy Alicea es un escritor de ficción histórica de ficción corta popular que compone en inglés y español. La misericordia también es bien sabido para sus videos themed históricamente maravillosamente hechos a mano. El blog de Mercy “Salón de las Coronas” se encuentra aquí en Queenanneboleyn.com. Miembro fundador de Queenanneboleyn.com, las contribuciones de Mercy al sitio web son prolíficas. Mercy y su compañero de vida Luis residen en Puerto Rico.

“Hall of Crowns” on Queenanneboleyn.com

Artículos en español y breve ficción por Mercy Alicia

Videos by Mercy Alicea (piraresse4) — YouTube


Marisa Levy

Marisa Levy holds court on Twitter, where she portrays the only true Queen Anne Boleyn on the Internet. Marisa’s Queen Anne is exceptionally popular. Over 10,000 followers enjoy the Queen’s tweets, bending a knee to her every whim. Beyond Marisa’s valuable marketing exposure of Queenanneboleyn.com on Twitter, she also was the main administrator of the website’s reenactment courts for over five years, leading and organizing historical plot development and story-telling while engaging emerging writers in developing their craft.

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