Celebrating the Collector’s Edition — The Colour of Poison & The Colour of Gold, by Toni Mount


Editor’s Note: On April 25, 2016, Queenanneboleyn.com was delighted and honored to host author Toni Mount’s first blog post highlighting the first novel of the now eleven edition Sebastian Foxley medieval murder mysteries, The Colour of Poison”. Do enjoy Toni’s wonderful accounting of what drove her to begin her fantastic novel series HERE –>> Toni Mount and “The Color of Poison”

Today Toni joins us once again in celebration of the release of her Collector’s Edition of the wonderful novel Queenanneboleyn.com introduced to the English-speaking world back in April 2016, along with an amazing novella as a bonus.  If you haven’t met Sebastian Foxley, do treat yourself to delightfully rich medieval English story telling at it’s finest. If you are already a fan, what a wonderful holiday gift idea!


Toni Mount


The Colour of Poison & The Colour of Gold

In this unique collector’s edition we’ve combined my best-selling Sebastian Foxley adventure The Colour of Poison with the novella The Colour of Gold bound as a luxury hardback volume. We visit again the narrow, stinking streets of medieval London. They are dark and dangerous places where burglary, arson and murder are every-day events and the gossips whisper of alchemists making gold for the King.

Meet again Sebastian Foxley, a talented yet challenged young artist as he tries to save his brother from the hangman’s rope. Does he find an inner strength in these, the hardest of times? Yet can the Duke of Gloucester or his friend Francis Lovell help? One thing is certain – if Seb can’t save his brother, nobody can.

Then a wedding is planned and in medieval London this should be a splendid occasion, especially when a royal guest is attending. Yet for the bridegroom, the day begins with disaster when a valuable gold livery collar goes missing. From the lowliest street urchin to the highest nobility, who could be the thief? Can Seb save the day, despite that young rascal, Jack and his dog causing chaos?

Join in the fun and adventure, the bustle and the stench of medieval London, when we re-visit the first two Sebastian Foxley stories, the most popular Colour of Poison and the entertaining Colour of Gold. And to make this volume something Seb Foxley followers will cherish we add bonus material including a detailed map of the Foxley’s neiboughood, background details, fun quizzes and much much more.

Toni Mount Biography

Toni Mount studies, teaches and writes about history. She is well known as an author of popular non-fiction and specialises in the ordinary lives of medieval people. Toni earned her Master’s Degree as a mature student, by completing original research into a unique 15th-century medical manuscript. Her enthusiastic understanding of the period allows her to create accurate, atmospheric settings and realistic characters for her Sebastian Foxley adventures. Toni’s first career as a scientist, together with her love of art, brings extra dimensions to her novels. She writes regularly for both The Richard III Society and The Tudor Society, is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and teaches history to adults at her weekly classes. Toni has been married to her husband Glenn for over 40 years, has two grown-up sons and lives in north Kent, England.

Praise for Toni Mount’s Sebastian Foxley Series

“An atmospheric and compelling thriller”
Tracy Borman

“Impeccable research and sculpted characters combine to create another irresistible story” Matthew Lewis

“Sebastian Foxley is the Cadfael of the 15th century”
J.P. Reedman

“The scents, the sights, the tastes of the late Middle Ages are superbly rendered”
Mel Starr

“If you love CJ Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake you will love Toni Mount’s Sebastian Foxley”
Samantha Willcoxson

“Toni Mount is a magician with words, weaving a captivating story in wonderful prose”
Sharon Bennet Connoly

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