Diana, Princess of Wales 25 Years Gone

Princess Diana and her sons

Diana, Princess of Wales 25 years later

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Diana, Princess of Wales — direct descendant of Mary Boleyn Stafford, sister of Queen Anne Boleyn — tragically died 25 years ago today.

Those of us old enough to know, all know. As clearly as we recall our wedding day or the birth of our first child, we recall exactly where we were and just what we were doing when we heard the horrible news — you know, that news. Diana, Princess of Wales, was dead — murdered in a Paris tunnel, chased by the paparazzi in a car driven by a drunk man.

Twenty five years later, Diana, Princess of Wales, mother of two Dukes — one the future King of England — fashion icon, philanthropist, staunch advocate of the downtrodden, open book, and public servant, remains our People’s Princess. As the world commemorates the memory of Diana today, let us all commit to celebrating her legacy by following her example.

Dance like no one is watching…

Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta
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Be kind…

Princess DIana holding baby
How Diana changed the world by standing up for people with Aids


Prince Harry in Cape Town with child
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Respect your elders and learn from their life lessons…

Princess Diana with Mother Teresa
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Be brave…

Princess Diana's Landmines Walk
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Have fun…

Princess Diana Riding A Log Flume with her boys
Princess Diana Riding A Log Flume with her boys


Lead by example… 


Serve others…



Dare to be different…


Celebrate diversity…


Love your children and be sure they know it… 


Make a difference… and pass it on!


Rest in peace, Diana, Princess of Wales

1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997

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