Today is Queenanneboleyn’s 10th Anniversary!


Ten years ago today, web designer Colleen Daly had an idea. Some of her friends on Facebook were role-playing Tudor-era historical characters. They created “fake accounts” and then posted as if they were King Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Cranmer, and others. Eventually, Facebook caught up with these role-players. After all, “fake accounts” are strictly forbidden on Facebook. Account after account were brought down, and along with them, all the writing contributors published. One group, in particular, was targeted — the Tudor Y Historical Writers — likely because of the high quality of writing published. Reported to Facebook by those jealous of their success, suddenly all their work was gone.

Colleen Daly
QAB Web Designer

Colleen Daly had the answer. A web designer and history enthusiast, tucked in her back pocket was a google-gold domain name — She graciously offered to build a membership website free-of-charge, a place where writers could develop their craft free from the risk of “losing it all”. Beth von Staats, Mercy Rivera, and others jumped at this opportunity, and was born.

Initially, was strictly a high-end role-playing website. Members would get together and craft scenes from Tudor-era history, publishing their stories for all to enjoy. Amazingly, the website became exceptionally popular, with traffic suggesting published material was well received. Still, how could we take things to the next level?

Marisa Levy

Step in Marisa Levy. Marisa was a woman with a mission. A Twitter enthusiast, she offered to become Queen Anne Boylen on Twitter, taking over an account originally created by Colleen. @QueenAnneBoleyn became Twitter’s true Tudor Era anointed Queen, her court growing from about 1000 people to over 11,000 followers.  Through Marisa’s commitment, a major change in the road came to Could we attract historical fiction writers and historians to contribute to the website? Yes!!  Nancy Bilyeau was’s first “expert contributor”, and so many have contributed since. For a listing of our amazing content, see QAB Contributors. 

Though the “The Lady of the Tweets” on Twitter is now Beth von Staats, all credit goes to Marisa Levy for crafting the true Queen of Twitter @QueenAnneBoleyn. Do join her court with a follow if you have not already done so!

Mercy Rivera

Through the years, has hosted numerous professional historical fiction authors and historians — everyone from Alison Weir to Leada de Lisle, from Claire Ridgway to Adrienne Dillard, from Owen Emerson to Sarah Morris, from Natalie Grueninger to Sandra Vasoli, and from James Peacock to Diarmaid McCulloch. Their contributions have been the hallmark of the quality we strive for.

Still, we are 100% committed to the work of historical hobbyists, especially those who strive for perfection in all they do. We are indebted to Mercedes (Mercy) Rivera, whose videos, articles, and also English and Spanish language content have graced the website with the popular response of countless since day one. Anne Boleyn is popular in Spain, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Latin America. Who knew? Mercy!!! is appreciative of our abundant Spanish-speaking followers — all brought to the website by native of Puerto Rico, Mercy Rivera.

Aún así, estamos 100% comprometidos con el trabajo de los aficionados históricos, especialmente aquellos que luchan por la perfección en todo lo que hacen. Estamos en deuda con Mercedes (Mercy) Rivera, cuyos videos, artículos y también contenido en inglés y español han adornado el sitio web con la respuesta popular de innumerables desde el primer día. Anne Boleyn es popular en España, Puerto Rico, Cuba y América Latina. ¿Quien sabe? ¡¡¡Mercy!!! agradece a nuestros abundantes seguidores de habla hispana, todos traídos al sitio web por la nativa de Puerto Rico, Mercy Rivera.


Video Credit: Mercy Rivera, at piratesse4 (YouTube)


Beth von Staats is rather unique these days. A hobbyist website that no longer hosts role-play, there are no stores, no advertisements, no paid memberships, and no patreonships here at QAB. A completely non-income bearing website, all content from contributing historians and historical fiction authors is freely given. This is our commitment from them and to you.

As we enter our eleventh year on the world wide web, we commit to continue to share the history of Queen Anne Boleyn and her contemporaries, always freely given, and always with devotion to history. God bless you all — and rest in well-deserved peace, Queen Anne Boleyn.


Video Credit: Mercy Rivera, at piratesse4 (YouTube)


Beth von Staats

is the owner and administrator of Blogger of "The Tudor Thomases", Beth specializes in writing magazine articles, online historical articles, short stories, and flash fiction.