James Peacock Remembers Queen Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn with James Peacock

James Peacock Remembers Queen Anne Boleyn

In anticipation of the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn’s tragic execution tomorrow, Beth von Staats, blogger of The Tudor Thomases and owner/administrator of Queenanneboleyn.com, and I went on a fact-finding mission by asking several historians, historical fiction writers, and history lovers “What should Queen Anne Boleyn be most remembered for?” Here are my personal thoughts.

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James Peacock lives in a suburb of Greater London. Originally training and working in Youth and Community, in 2013 he decided to follow his lifelong passion for history with a particular interest in Anne Boleyn. He currently works at a historical site heavily associated with Anne Boleyn. (See the picture… hint, hint) In 2014, he set up ‘The Anne Boleyn Society’ which exists to promote and bring awareness to the role that Anne Boleyn contributed to England’s history and her role in the reformation. The Anne Boleyn Society can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@society_anne).  James is also a contributor on “QAB”  Queenanneboleyn.com.

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James Peacock

I run The Anne Boleyn Society, which I set up in 2014. Over the years the society has grown tremendously and there are accounts on Facebook, Instagram (@society_anne) and Twitter (@Society_Anne). With over 20,000 followers, the society aims to debate and discuss the life and times of Queen Anne Boleyn while taking into account the period in which she lived in.

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