Tudor Themed Shopping Ideas!

Tudor Themed
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Shopping Ideas!
Tudor Christmas and Holiday gifts

Tudor Christmas

Tudor Christmas


Can you believe the Holiday Season is rapidly approaching???? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America, the Friday thereafter commonly known as “Black Friday”, the official start of the Christmas and Chanukah (Hanukkah) shopping seasons. Do you have a loved one who is an enthusiast of Tudor Era English History? Are you searching for the perfect gift “from me from me”? Take a look at the following list of ideas, all gifts guaranteed to delight your favorite Tudorphile or Anglophile.


Alison Weir and Siobhan Clark Celebrate A Tudor Christmas


From Penguin Books: Christmas in Tudor times was a period of feasting, revelry, and merrymaking ‘to drive the cold winter away’. A carnival atmosphere presided at court, with a twelve-day-long festival of entertainments, pageants, theatre productions and ‘disguisings’, when even the king and queen dressed up in costume to fool their courtiers. Throughout the festive season, all ranks of subjects were freed for a short time from everyday cares to indulge in eating, drinking, dancing, and game-playing.

We might assume that our modern Christmas owes much to the Victorians. In fact, as Alison Weir and Siobhan Clarke reveal in this fascinating book, many of our favorite Christmas traditions date back much further. Carol-singing, present-giving, mulled wine and mince pies were all just as popular in Tudor times, and even Father Christmas and roast turkey dinners have their origins in this period. The festival was so beloved by English people that Christmas traditions survived remarkably unchanged in this age of tumultuous religious upheaval.

Beautifully illustrated with original line drawings throughout, this enchanting compendium will fascinate anyone with an interest in Tudor life – and anyone who loves Christmas. For purchase and free delivery worldwide, visit A Tudor Christmas at The Book Depository.

Watch for QAB’s interview with Alison about A Tudor Christmas in the coming days!!


Anne Boleyn and Tudor-Themed Adult Coloring Books

Are you or a loved one looking for a great way to relax? Have you and your Tudorphile friends rediscovered the therapeutic benefits of adult coloring? Is so, there are a few great Anne Boleyn and Tudor-themed adult coloring books out there to add to your collection! Check these out!

Colouring History: The Tudors is a wonderful book to add to your collection. The brainchild of illustrator Kathryn Holeman and QAB’s dear friend Natalie Grueninger of On the Tudor Traila website dedicated to documenting historic sites and buildings associated with Anne Boleyn and sharing information about the life and times of Henry VIII’s second wife, Colouring History: The Tudors is a simply delightful adult coloring book, chock full of art that will satisfy both your “inner-nerd” and your desire to unwind, helping you to generate wellness, quietness, and mindfulness


Illustrator Kathryn Holeman


Claire Ridgway, author of The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown and owner of The Anne Boleyn Files website, and artist Dmitry Yakhovsky have come together to create this beautiful coloring book which will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

The Life of Anne Boleyn Colouring Book tells Anne Boleyn’s story through both text and drawings, from her family background, through her rise and fall at Henry VIII’s court, to her execution in May 1536, and her legacy: Queen Elizabeth I. Learn all about Anne Boleyn while Dmitry’s stunning illustrations and your coloring bring Anne, her story and other famous Tudor characters to life. This book is a fitting tribute to Queen Anne Boleyn.

Relax, unwind and express yourself with these 34 coloring pages. Each coloring is accompanied by a page of text giving an accurate account of Anne Boleyn’s life.


Anne Boleyn Necklace and Tudor-Themed Jewelry

Anne Boleyn "B Necklace" crafted by Sonya Norwood
Anne Boleyn “B Necklace” crafted by Sonya Norwood

If you have a Tudorphile in your life who loves jewelry, Sonya Norwood or Ilana Leah will handcraft a piece that will be cherished for years.

Sonya’s beautiful collection at The Falcon Nest includes not only the iconic “B Necklace” worn by Queen Anne Boleyn, but also a wide collection of ribbon cameos highlighting several Tudor Era Queens and other historical figures, a hematite bead “B Necklace”, and even customized pendants including a picture you provide. Use your imagination and work with Sonja to created the perfect pendant customized to suit the unique passions of your loved one.

Anne Boleyn Inspired Initial Necklace
Customized Anne Boleyn Inspired Initial Necklace handcrafted by Ilana Leah

Have you ever thought you would love an Anne Boleyn inspired necklace, but hoped your initial instead was front and center? If so, get in touch with Ilana Leah of Seaside Design Studio. She will craft a necklace just for you.

Leah Ilana is a silversmith. Thus, all Seashore Design Studio pieces are made with safety and durability in mind. Fine silver is fused and polished without the aid of harsh chemicals.

I have the great privilege of owning pieces crafted by both Sonya Norwood and Ilana Leah, and I could not be more delighted with them. Not only are they lovely, but they are great conversation starters.


Anne Boleyn and Tudor Themed 2019 Calendars

Tudor Calendar
Anthony Hillman holds “The Tudor Society Calendar 2019”

Artist Anthony Hillman exquisitely crafted this fantastic Tudor-themed 2019 Calendar offered by The Tudor Society. Not only is the artwork fantastic, but important dates in Tudor Era History are highlighted throughout the year. I personally purchased four of these for myself, family and friends. To purchase, click here: The Tudor Society 2019 Calendar.



Claire Ridgway and “The Anne Boleyn Files Calendar 2019”

Are you a fan of the Anne Boleyn Files? If so, you know of Claire Ridgway’s holiday tradition of hosting a photography contest with selected winners included in the Anne Boleyn Files annual calendar. One of these lovely Tudor Era- themed calendars graces my work office each year. To purchase a 2019 calendar for yourself or a loved one, click here: The Anne Boleyn Files 2019 Calendar



Anne Boleyn and Tudor Themed Dolls

Queen Anne Boleyn and Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, crafted by Louise Goldsborough Bird


Queen Catherine of Aragon

I admit it. I never outgrew my love of dolls. Louise Goldsborough Bird of Angelique Miniatures is my “go-to” craftsman for historical dolls. The delightful Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cranmer depicted above are major highlights of my Tudorphile collection of historical decor gracing my private home.

Though my favorite dolls Louise crafts are of the Tudor Era of English History, her craftsmanship certainly does not stop there. She crafts queens throughout history, fairy and fantasy folk, dolls depicting their traditional cultural dress, ballerinas — the possibilities are endless.

Louise specializes in handcrafting exquisite dolls of excellent quality, her historically-themed collection extensive. Visit her website previously linked or her beautiful facebook page. 

I guarantee you will be completely enchanted!


Anne Boleyn, Tudor Era, and Medieval Online Courses

Are you, a family member or friend “itching” to learn more about English History? Check out these fabulous and affordable online courses! Act quickly before November 25, 2018, and a 25% discount awaits. Courses available include classes such as, “The Life of Anne Boleyn”, “The Six Wives of Henry VIII”, “The Roles of Medieval and Tudor Women”, “The History of the Medici Family” and much more! Learn all you want to know from experts Toni Mount, Gareth Russell, Claire Ridgway, and Samantha Morris. For more information, visit our friends at Medieval Courses.


Books, Books, Books, and More Books!!!!

Here at Queenanneboleyn.com, we LOVE to highlight the work of writers — novelists, non-fiction authors, biographers, historians and poets alike. Visit our Contributors Page for a complete listing of all writers who have contributed to the website through interviewing, submission of guest articles, author highlights and more. You will find an easy listing of all contributions to the website, as well as links to all their delightful books available for sale. From Nathen Amin to Leanda de Lisle, from Amy License to Diarmaid McCulloch, and from Toni Mount to Derek Wilson, you will find just the right book to curl up by the fire with a glass of wine on a cold winter night.

What are Queenanneboleyn.com’s suggestions for Anne Boleyn and Boleyn Family themed books???? Here are our suggestions in no particular order:


Je Anne Boleyn Series, Books One and Two — Sandra Vasoli

Le Temps Viendra, A Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volumes I and II — Sarah Morris

Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession — Alison Weir

Raven’s Widow: A Novel of Jane Boleyn — Adrienne Dillard

I, Elizabeth — Rosalind Miles

The Last Boleyn — Karen Harper (Mary Boleyn)

Virgin and the Crab — Robert Parry (Elizabeth I)



The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn — Eric Ives

God’s Traitors: Terror and Faith in Elizabethan England — Jessie Childs

Among the Wolves of Court, The Untold Story of Thomas and George Boleyn — Lauren Mackay

George Boleyn: Tudor Poet, Courtier, and Diplomat — Clare Cherry and Claire Ridgway

Anne Boleyn: Adultery, Heresy, and Desire — Amy License

The Fall of Anne Boleyn, A Countdown — Claire Ridgway

In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn — Sarah Morris and Natalie Grueninger

Tudor, A Family Story — Leanda de Lisle



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