“Anne’s Agony”, An Excerpt From “Truth Endures: Je Anne Boleyn Book Two”, by Sandra Vasoli


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Anne’s Agony

An Excerpt From Truth Endures: Je Anne Boleyn Book Two

Sandra Vasoli



Sandy Vasoli sets the stage…

Anne was imprisoned in the Tower. The gloom which settled there at twilight must have been almost impossible to bear. Here is an EXCERPT from Truth Endures, describing her state of mind:


…That evening, as I sat at table with Constable Kingston, I still could not eat, and so I talked instead. I told him with no uncertainty that I was completely clear from the company of any man except my husband. I asked him where my father was, since he had not been in the tiltyard – whereupon Kingston replied he had seen him earlier in the day, at court. I thought then of my lady mother, and that recall alone was almost enough to bring me to my knees.

Then an abhorrent concern came to me, and I asked tremulously, “… and Master Kingston, where is my sweet brother? Please tell me?”

Kingston hesitated a moment, then informed me that he had left George at York Place earlier in the day. I was relieved, but not entirely reassured.

Henny Potten as Anne Boleyn

After a short period of most agonizing silence, during which I again lost control and began weeping, I found myself musing aloud how Norreys who was now imprisoned in the Tower as well, had unwittingly implicated me in such an awful plot – all stemming, I realized, from his drunken, foolhardy behavior that night in my chambers. And then, of all unlikely alleged lovers, there was poor young Mark Smeaton? How utterly absurd – that I would make the King a fool for a poor, uneducated and unworldly musician!

Finally, I pleaded, “Mr Kingston, pray tell me, will I die without justice?”

I asked, yet I knew …

Gently he responded. “Madame, even the poorest of subjects hath justice.”

Really, I thought?

It was laughable.

In the several days which followed my arrest I made a mighty effort to balance myself. At times I experienced a modicum of peace – usually when deep in prayer; but mostly because the pain of my circumstance was nigh to overwhelming, made yet more excruciating when I was told by Kingston that, along with Smeaton and Norreys, Sir Frances Weston and poor William Brereton had also been accused of adultery with me, and were now imprisoned.

God’s tears – they were Henry’s closest friends!

It was horrifying. Did even my enemies think I had no respectability at all …? Had they not known me since I was first at court: a girl of 22 years? Had I ever been reputed to be morally loose in my behavior …?

Merle Oberon and Anne Boleyn

But in moments of clarity I came to know what it was about. All too well. I would be conveniently removed, making way for another Queen, another faction – another wife more malleable. More fertile. And I knew who was behind the stratagem. For uncharacteristically he made no appearance; instead visits to receive Kingston’s reports were handled either through his own secretary, Sadler, or in an even more cowardly manner – secretively – so I would be denied any chance to confront him in person.

Thomas Cromwell.

Only finally did Master Kingston muster courage enough to tell me what I believe I already anticipated – that my brother George, my blood, my dearest friend and constant defender, had been arrested after being accused of knowing me, his sister, carnally. When I heard of this I ran for a basin, and heaved and heaved until my insides had no more to relinquish.



Sandi Vasoli

Sandra Vasoli is a historical fiction writer from Gwynedd Valley, Pennsylvania, USA. A graduate with a dual degree in English and Biology from Villanova University, Sandy enjoyed a long term career in leadership and organization development before turning her attention to her passions of writing and Tudor Era history.  Sandy has written all her life: essays, stories, and articles, but Je Anne Boleyn: Struck with the Dart of Love is her first work of published fiction. Volume Two of the Je Anne Boleyn series soon followed. Sandy’s  career, working for several of the largest companies in the world, allowed her the study of people, especially those in leadership positions.  Thus, she is keenly interested in the bold and insightful qualities possessed by Anne Boleyn. For more information, visit her website at SANDRA VASOLI.



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