ANNE BOLEYN DAY 2016: Hunter S. Jones Talks About Her Research and Novel PHOENIX RISING


__________________________________ is sharing with you today the events of ANNE BOLEYN DAY 2016 as they unfold. In this excellent video, Hunter S. Jones discusses her novel Pheonix Rising and her research of Queen Anne Boleyn.


VIDEO CREDIT: MadeGlobal Publishing



Hunter S Jones

Hunter S. Jones is the author of many books including “September Ends” won awards for Best Independently Published Novel, based on it’s unique blending of poetry and prose. Her short story “Fortune Calling” received best selling status on Amazon in the Cultural Heritage category and Historical Fiction category. She has been published by H3O Eco mag, LuxeCrush, Chattanooga Times-Free Press, and is now a freelance contributor for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She has two undergraduate degrees, one in English Literature, the other in History with an emphasis on the English Renaissance and Reformation.

Hunter has written “Phoenix Rising”, a historical novel about the final hours of Anne Boleyn’s life. Come on a historical journey though some dark hours.


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