ANNE BOLEYN DAY 2016: Closing Remarks From Tim Ridgway — THANK YOU EVERYONE!!


__________________________________ shared with you today the events of ANNE BOLEYN DAY 2016 as they unfolded. This event, co-hosted across QAB, MadeGlobal Publishing, and The Anne Boleyn Files was the brainchild of Tim Ridgway. His exhaustive work ethic, calm and gentle spirit, and passion to support the authors of MadeGlobal Publishing is highly respected and humbly appreciated by us all.

Thank you one and all for joining Made Global Publishing, The Anne Boleyn Files,, and all of MadeGlobal’s fantastic authors and esteemed guests! Many Blessings to you all.


VIDEO CREDIT: MadeGlobal Publishing



Tim Ridgway
Tim Ridgway

Tim Ridgway is the main editor here at, and he is also tightly involved with cover design and promotion for the authors and books we publish.

Because of his experience in publishing, Tim and Claire reached out to the top self-published authors to get their thoughts, tips and experiences about success in the new publishing world. The results were put together in an amazing book which is jointly written by Tim Ridgway and Claire Ridgway.

When you contact, chances are that you’ll be speaking with Tim…


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