The True Heir

Eustace Chapuys, the Imperial Ambassador sits at his worn desk as he writes the emperor. He feels that he failed Katherine and her health has deteriorated. The Emperor did not follow his advice to invade England to stop Henry from breaking with Rome and replacing the rightful Queen Katherine with the putone Anne Boleyn. His heart was broken for Katherine but he had to devote all his attention to Mary, Henry’s rightful heir. If Anne succeeded in giving birth to a son Chapuys felt that Mary’s life could be in peril. He was not going to fail the Princess Mary. He gives his servant the letter to be dispatched and has his groom ready his steed to visit Princess Mary.


Princess Mary UK Q

I walked around the estate calmer now that I had finally been freed from serving the concubine’s daughter Elizabeth. The stress and mistreatment has brought back back many of my ailments and they did not want Elizabeth to be in danger. I keep rubbing my hands together, unaware of my nervous habit. Even though my new home is damp it feels better to be out of the babe’s household. I walk swiftly to the chapel as my gown sweeps the old rushes and light the candles as I kneel to the alter. Dei, a me quod vis, quaeso ut me. It faciat judicium conplacui. God, I beseech you to show me what you wish from me. Guide me so that I make the right decisions. Bless my father for he is under the spell of a witch and knows not what he is doing. Great men such as Fisher and More have lost their life because of the puta, Ann Boleyn.”
I weep in despair, I have not seen my mother in years and now she has become weaker from an unknown sickness. I have heard whispers that she is being poisoned, will I be next? How do I obey my father and follow my conscious? I can not turn my back on my mother and God. The years have taken their toll on me. I have been stripped of my rightful title and have been declared a bastard by my father. I hold my head, the anguish of what has become my life weighs too heavy on me. I know not which way to turn.
As I become lost in my thoughts, one of my attendants whispers that I have a visitor. I slowly stand up and a glimmer of hope seeps into my heart, could it be my father? I gather my celadon gown and rush out to greet my visitor, I rarely have one. I try not to hide my disappointment when I see that it is the Imperial Ambassador and not my father but Chapuys. He is my one true friend and I greet him warmly. He bows and takes my hand as we walk the grounds. ” What news have you of my mother, father and court?”


Eustace Chapuys Uk

I walk with Mary noticing how the years have hurt her and are beginning to show on her face. She was still a beauty with much of her mother in her but she did not have the strength of Katherine. Katherine is happy to die a martyr but I pray to God that the same fate does not befall Mary. I can not do any more to save Katherine, that battle is lost. But I will devote myself to saving Mary. She is alone with no one to guide or protect her.
” The puta grows heavy with the child yet the King’s eyes have turned elsewhere. There is a Mistress Seymour he has become enraptured with but none of that will matter if Madame Boleyn gives your father a son. Her place will be secure forever and you may be in great peril. Mary, you must listen to me. I have arranged with your cousin the Holy Emperor to secretly transport you to Spain if the puta bears a son. You are still the rightful heir to those who adhere to the true religion. We will ride at night where a ship will be waiting for us to take you to safety under the protection of the Emperor. I would not do this if there was any other way to keep you safe. You must think of your duty to the people of England. ” I study Mary’s face and try not to look at her gown that is frayed at the bottom and has been hastily patched up. What a disgrace for the granddaughter of the great Queen Isabella.


Princess Mary UK Q

I sigh and think hard, a life without hiding and fear that my next meal could kill me. Spain Would bring me happiness, the Emperor may even make a good marriage for me. This could be the answer to my prayers. “It would not be easy to escape from this prison.  But I fear you may be right. I can barely eat my meals after they’ve been tasted. I fear poison everyday. My poor mother has already been poisoned and I know the concubine will want me out of the way  as soon as she gives my father a son. My life would be intolerable. How will the Emperor treat me? Do you think my mother will try to run as well.” I say hoping that this could bring us together again.

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Eustace Chapuys Uk

I smile happily that I have piqued Mary’s interest and she seems open to the idea. I will not fail Mary as I have her mother. “The Emperor will treat you according to your proper title as future heir to the throne of England and as his dearest cousin. He will also help you find a good match, a prince noble enough for his cousin. As for your mother I fear she is too ill.”
Though even if she was well, she would never run, she will die the martyr. “ I am sorry, but many of her doctors do not know how much time she has left. I would believe she was being poisoned but her food is all tasted before she eats any. The doctor’s are not sure from what malady the Queen suffers. I am sorry to give you such bad news your Highness.” I embrace this poor young woman whose life has been turned upside down and is living in poverty and seclusion. As God is my witness I will not fail her.


Princess Mary UK Q

I will pray for my mother’s soul, sed in ipsa Dei ulnis.  May she be delivered into God’s loving arms. My heart shatters at the thought of not being able to be with her in the end, nor to say goodbye. I wipe my tears quickly.. Even though I knew it was a sin, I wished Mistress Boleyn would have a terrible death and suffer as she has caused my mother to suffer. I stay quiet knowing that I would have to go to confession for my wicked thoughts. But the Boleyn woman is evil and put a spell on my beloved father. He would never have treated us so badly if it was not for the witch’s spells. I cross myself quickly as I shudder with fear. A life without fear was what I craved, to be recognized as the true princess and heir to the throne of England. The thought of finding a husband brought me some comfort. I knew one day I would return to England and bring her back to the true faith. “ I will agree to your plans, please inform me as soon as you know the details. I must go pray for God’s safety and that one day I will return to England and my rightful place as queen.”


Eustace Chapuys Uk

“ Listen to me Mary, never lose hope or faith. God will see you through these terrible times. I have you best interests at heart and I shall not fail you. “I bend a knee and kiss her hand. ” Be careful and keep yourself well.” I watch Mary walk slowly  back to the manor and shake my head of what has befallen mother and daughter. I will return to my home and swiftly send the Emperor a missive with this news.


By Eustace Chapuys UK and Princess Mary Q UK

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