A Brothers War

Arthur and Henry storm into the king’s chamber. Both furious and full of hatred for each other’s actions. Arthur takes a goblet from one the servants and gulps the fruity wine. He knew that this discussion would not be easy, but it was over-do. It was time to stop his brother’s actions. Henry glares at his brother defiantly! He knew that he would only leave this room when he got what he wanted, a signed petition to the pope asking for a divorce from Bessie. Her actions this evening made him sure of his next step. Arthur would declare Elizabeth’s child his or he would fight Arthur on every move and split the kingdom in two. Arthur looks at his brother in disgust as he places his goblet down.




King Arthur Tudor Z

I drink hungrily, hoping the wine would calm my temper. ” I hope you’re happy brother, Norfolk will never forgive you for this action and may even try to take his revenge out on me. You may have caused a war with your little indiscretion, for Norfolk has enough men to start one. But there may be a solution to stop him. You will do as I say for you have no rights here! The law applies to everyone, even the brother of the king. I see no crown on your head because I AM KING, you are the Duke of York,” I say as I take Henry’s goblet and throw it against the wall as my brother glares. “You will release your unfounded claim on the duchess’ child. I will never hear you claim it to be your spawn. For not only do you humiliate Norfolk, but you embarrass your family. Claiming that bastard will only bring shame upon my realm and the Tudor name. You have an heir with your wife, and if you think you need another, then make a legitimate one! Your vile behavior MUST AND WILL END NOW. This is one mess of yours that cannot be fixed from your mother’s skirts. I am done trying to clean up after you. I would welcome an explanation that gives me a reason not to throw you in the tower. For by God I am itching to lock you up for years. ”

Prince Henry Tudor Z

I look at my brother with contempt, how dare he tell me who my heir is. Arthur may be king but he is a weak king and has been bewitched by his barbarian wife from the land of ice and snow.
“King or no king, you have no right to dictate my heir. Bessie was a mistake. She enthralled me for a time but she should have been my mistress, not my wife. I will seek an annulment from the pope. I have one daughter and she will not inherit from me for she is a BASTARD. But Elizabeth Stafford has royal blood coursing through her body. Together, we will have children worthy of the Tudor name! Do not worry yourself with the likes of Norfolk. We have Buckingham, and Suffolk will back me against Thomas Howard. There is no love lost between Suffolk and Norfolk. I recommend that we arrest Norfolk for treason and be done with him. Kill the serpent by cutting off its head!”
I look at Arthur unable to gauge his reaction from his countenance. Surely he can see that I am right. Norfolk is neither Arthur’s ally nor mine. He only works for his own cause and not that of the realm. He is not man enough for a woman of Elizabeth’s standing. She will be my wife and I will move Heaven and hell to make it so.






King Arthur Tudor Z

I smile at how ridiculous my brother sounds. I take a rather large sip of my ale, to help calm my anger towards his sheer stupidity.
“I remember a man who threw a fit just like this only a few years ago. I gave in then, for there was no way not to. But apparently that was not the right thing to do. I have learned from my mistakes, and this time I’m saying no. The child that Lady Norfolk carries is no Tudor, it shall not take our father’s blessed name. No, it is a Howard. You will get no backing from me to help you part with your wife. Even though the pope would not allow this, and if he did, I will forbid you.”
I smile at the thought of my plans with Cranmer; if they went right, Wolsey would be the next pope. He would never grant such an annulment.
“For the pope has gone to his heavenly home and I know for a fact that whomever is elected will not want to anger the king of England. As for Norfolk, he is a better man than you. He would not stoop so low as to get a mistress pregnant and then try to claim the child. You embarrass this family. Leave now so I don’t have to look at the humiliation you have become. I would send you away but your wife is who keeps you here. Since now she is a close friend to My Queen, and My Queen needs her.”
I turn my back away drinking my ale with a small smile on my face.

Prince Henry Tudor Z

I see with anger and indignation. Arthur may be the king, but until the barbarian his queen carries is born, I am the heir to the throne of England. I will not be treated in such a matter or dismissed as if I am of no importance. I slam my gold, filigree goblet on the solid oak table with a loud thud The amber ale spills onto the table and down the Persian rug. I try to compose myself but am no longer able to hold my tongue and my rage explodes as if it is lightning was crashing from the old Norse Gods of his Viking queen.
“ARTHUR, I AM YOUR HEIR AND I DEMAND THE RESPECT I DESERVE! ’Twas you who made a mess in France, not I. You had no inkling how to command an army. How you must of disappointed our father in heaven, for he was a great warrior. I had to go to France and try to salvage the incompetence you showed the world. But alas it was too late, for you made shambles of everything you touched. Good English blood of our soldiers flowed through the putrid streets of France. All because you are no soldier or commander. What have you accomplished in your reign? A heathen queen despised by all. Your people snigger as you walk past. Our king can plan a feast, but rule a country, that you cannot do. You sit at your desk with a quill and scrolls of parchment and that is all you are capable of. Any minister can do that. So do not bring up a year ago when you failed your country.”
I heave in anger as all the veins in my head feel as if they will explode and my eyes bulge.
“As my brother, you should support me in my choice of a bride. I do not care that Erica and Bessie are friends. I can promise you that I will NEVER visit Bessie’s bed ever again. I was young and it was a mistake. She is low born, not of noble and royal blood such as Elizabeth Stafford. My heir died and all I am left with is a daughter. I know Elizabeth carries MY son, NOT Thomas Howard’s son but MINE. I can tell you this brother.” I spat out the word. ” I will move heaven and hell if need be to marry Elizabeth and recognize MY child as a TUDOR. For the child is a Tudor and nothing the duke of Norfolk says can change that!”




King Arthur Tudor Z

I keep myself calm as I listen to Henry rant, happy that I inherited my father’s temper, though it was clear that my brother has not. My head pulses with anger and nothing would make me happier at this moment to have the guards drag Henry off to the tower. “You have no idea what I do everyday, what it takes to rule this kingdom or how I relive my mistakes. If I could, I would name someone else as my heir until my son is born. You brother, do not deserve any respect. You do not deserve anything, for you have done nothing to deserve it. Your behavior is of a spoilt child! I can thank mother for that. You have been pampered your entire life with no real responsibility. Yes, I made a mess in France, but I made amends with a peace treaty that has served us well. What did you do? Sleep with a nobleman’s wife? Those with noble blood coursing through who have earned more respect than you? Get one thing straight brother, you will never marry Elizabeth Howard. Nor will you claim that child as your own. That child will not bear our name ever. For if I see you go near them, I will have you thrown in the tower. If you want any respect you will need to earn that from me. Now if you don’t leave my presence NOW I will have you arrested! ”
I turn my back to him and look away, willing him to leave my presence before I strangle him with my own hands, for he is a disgrace to the Tudor name.

By Prince Henry Tudor Z, and King Arthur Tudor Z





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