The Coronation of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England

The Coronation of Anne Boleyn, Queen of England
(Tudor Writer’s Group- This is a work of Group Fiction)

Trumpets announce the King’s arrival!

Anne Boleyn: I was helped down from under the canopy. My mind was filled with excitement and anticipation. I stared ahead deep in thought, as we walked to the Abbey. I knew everyone would have all of their eyes on me. I turn and look at my husband lovingly. God and my King has made this all possible. I give him a small smile and continue walking with grace and elegance. I know I have the queenly air that I ought to. My heart is filled with joy.

King Henry Tudor:  We arrive at the Abbey and make entry. We begin our march down the aisle. Feeling proud, Mister Cromwell has indeed done well.

Thomas Tallis: As His Majesty, King Henry VIII and Marquess of Pembroke, Anne Boleyn enter Westminster Abbey, all in attendance rise. I begin conducting the choir, and the royal couple begin walking slowly down the center aisle, his hand holding hers outward. We have been rehearsing for weeks, and the choir sounds beautiful.

Thomas Cranmer: As I watch His Majesty and my beloved Queen walk slowly down the aisle, I out stretch my arms to the heavens… tears welling. I feel God all around me, and I feel humbled to be leading the Queen’s coronation this day. “God, I pray to share your word most abundantly.”

Anne Boleyn: -~I can hardly breathe as I enter the Abbey. Yet, my face displays a calm persona for I stand tall and bold. God is leading me to this place. It is His plan for me and I thank him wholeheartedly. I have waited years for this moment. My people shall know who the True Queen is.  I look ahead, as I walk down the aisle. My dark eyes shine and I walk with every grace and elegance that the True Queen would have. I know how splendid I look. My cloth of gold gown and crimson robe display my status and show that I am with child. God is so good to me. I know how he has blessed me and my family. I know the congregation here are pleased with the sight. My mother and sister are with me here and I know my father and brother look proudly on. I praise God for my good fortune. I am married to the man I love, carry his son, and I am now being crowned Queen of England!  I want for nothing and I know in my heart that I truly am the Most Happy.~

Thomas Boleyn: Westminster Abbey is beautifully decorated for this momentous occasion. My daughter Anne, England’s true Queen, is to be crowned. No father could be any more proud than what I am!

Jane Seymour: *Here I am, Maid of Honor of Queen Anne; walking behind her and I am having a battle with myself to avoid looking at the King; God, please help me to do my duty; to be strong and get rid of thoughts and desires that are not allowed for me. She is the queen and he loves her; I must learn to live with that fact and stop dreaming.*

Mary Boleyn: *I feel so happy for my sister, and for me too. I am sure my life will change and…I also hope that my family will understand me better and forgive my past actions. I know I can do better, and I will. Anne will be so proud of me. Suddenly, I look at Jane, who is walking beside me. She looks so sad, like if she is forcing herself to do her duty… like if she were walking towards her death. She is so strange.*

Elizabeth Boleyn, Queen Mother: *I talk to the young usher behind me for a second to make sure he is handling the Bible correctly. I do not want mistakes. I continue walking, and I watch Anne’s ladies closely, all is working well and I am the happiest mother in the entire world; finally, my daughter will be formally crowned, and all our enemies will bow before her. God Bless my Anne, now and for always.*

Anne Parr: ~ We have entered into the cathedral … and it is the most beautiful site I have ever seen. The vaulted ceilings and stain glass windows leave me feeling enamored. All of the Nobles in the audience look so glamorous, but I am most nerved. All eyes will be on the queen, which means as she passes them all eyes will fall back to myself and the other ladies. I pray Dear Lord do not let me stumble or fall. I must straighten up as every move I make represents My Lord Brother and Lady Sister. ~

George Boleyn: As I stand in my Order of the Garter regalia alongside my father, Sir Thomas Wyatt and the Lady Nicoleen Sedena, I puff with pride as my sister, our rightful Queen, walks by with His Majesty. Oh how I love her… how I respect her… how I will always honor her.

Nicoleen Sedena-Cromwell: ~ I have never seen my King glow more than he is at this moment. Anne, she is beautiful. She is stunning. ~

Thomas Cromwell: I am out by the side entrance of the abbey speaking with the street cleaners. “I want all the horse dung cleaned up quickly so the coach rolls through it not on the way back to Whitehall. Now then.” I call a eager looking guardsman over. “Listen, I have ten crowns for you if you go to all the taverns and shoppes along the route and tell the patrons the King commands they be present outside and cheer Queen Anne as they pass by. Go now…” Okay, now let me slip through this back door quickly, and watch the services from the side clergy’s entrance by the altar. There is no way to enter by the front entrance now the ceremony began.

Thomas Audley: What a joyous day to be Lord Chancellor of this realm. I look around.  I still don’t see More or Fisher. I will direct Cromwell deal with this, tomorrow. Ahhh… My Lady Elizabeth, she looks ravishing.

Thomas Cranmer: As His Majesty and my beloved Queen arrive to the altar and stand before me, I speak in a strong and even voice and inquire, “Sirs, I here present unto you …, your undoubted Queen. Wherefore all you who are come this day to do your homage and service, are you willing to do the same?” The congregation states in unison, “We will.” His Majesty takes a seat at his thrown, and my beloved Queen remains standing. I begin speaking out, and discretely gesture to her for each response.

Thomas Cranmer: I take a deep breath and begin.“Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of England, Wales, Ireland and France to any of them belonging or pertaining, according to their respective laws and customs?”

Anne Boleyn:  ~My eyes look at Archbishop Cranmer, and I am determined and serious. My heart flutters with happiness and I steady myself and speak carefully and clearly, “I solemnly promise so to do.”

Thomas Cranmer: I look reassuringly to my beloved Queen and ask, “Will you to your power cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all your judgments?”

Anne Boleyn: This is such a dream come true. I listen carefully to his words and speak firmly, “I will.”

Thomas Cranmer: My Queen, she looks so regal. Heavens, I hope I do not forget the words here. “Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel? Will you to the utmost of your power maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law? Will you maintain and preserve inviolable the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine, worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England? And will you preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of England, and to the Churches there committed to their charge, all such rights and privileges, as by law do or shall appertain to them or any of them?”

Anne Boleyn: ~”All this I promise to do. The things which I have here before promised, I will perform, and keep. So help me God.”~

Thomas Tallis: The Archbishop looks over to me and nods, his cue for me to conduct the choir once again so they may sing reverently as he prepares to anoint our new Queen.

Thomas Cranmer: As the choir is led by Thomas Tallis in joyous song, coronation tradition dictates that I begin the anointing of my beloved Queen. Her maids come forward and assist in removing Her Majesty’s coronation robe, and she steps forward and kneels at her faldstool. I go to the altar to retrieve the Ampulla filled with blessed oil and the Spoon, and when the choir concludes singing, begin the anointing prayer.

“O Lord and heavenly Father,
the exalter of the humble and the strength of thy chosen,
who by anointing with Oil didst of old
make and consecrate kings, priests, and prophets,
to teach and govern thy people Israel:
Bless and sanctify thy chosen servant ANNE,
who by our office and ministry
is now to be anointed with this Oil,
and consecrated Queen:
Strengthen her, O Lord, with the Holy Ghost the Comforter;
Confirm and stablish her with thy free and princely Spirit,
the Spirit of wisdom and government,
the Spirit of counsel and ghostly strength,
the Spirit of knowledge and true godliness,
and fill her, O Lord, with the Spirit of thy holy fear,
now and for ever;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

The Entire Congregation: “Amen.”

I stand before Her Majesty and place oil with the spoon on the palms of both hands. I look at her with comfort and reassurane and say,  “Be thy Hands anointed with holy Oil.”

Quite carefully as not to stain her magnificent gown crafted of cloth of gold, I place oil on her Majesty’s breast,  and say,  “Be thy Breast anointed with holy Oil.”

I place oil on the crown of Her Majesty’s head, and say, “Be thy Head anointed with holy Oil as kings, priests, and prophets were anointed: And as Solomon was anointed king by Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet, so be thou anointed, blessed, and consecrated Queen over the Peoples, whom the Lord thy God hath given thee to rule and govern, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

I hand the Ampulla and Spoon to the Dean of Westminster, who lays them back upon the altar and lay my hands on the Queen’s as she remains kneeling down at the faldstool, and recite from the depths of my soul this blessing:
“Our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Son of God,
who by his Father was anointed with the Oil of gladness
above his fellows,
by his holy Anointing pour down upon your Head and Heart
the blessing of the Holy Ghost,
and prosper the work of your Hands:
that by the assistance of his heavenly grace
you may govern and preserve
the Peoples committed to your charge
in wealth, peace, and godliness;
and after a long and glorious course
of ruling a temporal kingdom
wisely, justly, and religiously,
you may at last be made partaker of an eternal kingdom,
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

The Entire Congregation: “Amen.”

Thomas Cranmer: Upon concluding the blessing, I reach out and take my beloved Queen’s hand and escort her to St. Edward’s Chair, where she sits and looks proudly out to the congregation.

Thomas Howard: I look over and watch my niece as she sits upon the thrown of monarchs. Oh yes, the Howards and Boleyns have risen to the zenith of power this day. My sister, Queen Mother… my niece Queen and mother to the heir to the throne.

Goerge Boleyn: My heart is beating so fast it will burst out of my chest. I look on intently. Within minutes my sister will be crowned after seven long years, Anne, Queen of England.

Thomas Boleyn: Many thoughts run through my mind on this glorious day. My family and the Howard’s fortunes and status are now sealed for the good. My dear Anne, my pride and joy, is giving the King a son that he so craves! I am the happiest and most proud father in all of England!

Anne Boleyn: I listen with great interest and admiration of my friend, Archbishop Cranmery. I cannot feel more pleased that he is doing this for me. Everything makes me light-hearted and joyful, but I know I have a great task on my hands and I know I shall not fail.

Anne Parr: ~As much as I could listen to Cranmer talk forever; as his voice is ever so enchanting. Standing in once place for so long is very tiring. I do hope it ends soon. I feel as though I have been up here forever !!!!~

Lady Elizabeth Boleyny, the Queen Mother: I boldly walk to my daughter, curtsy to her as my Queen, hand her our family Bible, and state “Here is Wisdom; This is the royal Law; These are the lively Oracles of God.” *I smile to my daughter; then I stand up and slowly walk away, not without looking at my brother, and give him a proud smile; now I can return satisfied to my place among my daughter’s ladies.*

Thomas Audley: As I watch my beautiful mistress, Lady Elizabeth give her daughter the Queen the Bible and speak, I beam with pride.

Thomas Boleyn: As I watch my beautiful wife, Lady Elizabeth give my daughter the Queen the Bible and speak, I beam with pride.

Anne Boleyn: I look at my mother and watch her as she brings up the Holy Bible.  I will hold true to the Word of God and follow it as I ought to. I am most honoured to have my mother here as my greatest support and ally. God shall preserve us.

Thomas Cranmer: “Veni sancti spiritus et visitabo nobis.” (Come oh holy spirit and visit us.)

Thomas Cranmer: “Ingeneravit animis, quod fecisti gratia.” (Implant our hearts, that which You have made, Your Grace.)

Thomas Cranmer:  “Per te sciamus Patrem. Hoc quod sit tali procedunt.” (Through you we know the Father. Be this our constant belief that you proceed from Him.)

Thomas Cranmer: (raises hands and then lowers them in prayer) “Illuminant sensus; replete amorem cordibus; diminuit corporis desideria confirma virtutum semper.” (Illuminate our senses; fill our hearts with love; diminish our bodily desires; strengthen our virtues always.)

The Entire Congregation: “Amen.”

Anne Parr: ~I am listening very intensely. My sister would be ever so proud of me; since I can make out most of what he is saying. Ever since I was a young girl growing, Catherine has always been fervent in teaching me Latin. Trying so hard to make out what Cranmer is saying is taking a blessing as pain is begging to diminish in my feet. I do ever so hope that Her Majesty will be crowned soon!!! ~

Thomas Cromwell: At the invitation of His Majesty, I look into the abbey through a side door by the altar. My eyes immediately gaze over Thomas and George Boleyn. Two seats beside them, next to Sir Thomas Wyatt, there she is… My Goddess, Nicoleen… She is exquisite.

Thomas Wyatt: Tears well as I watch my beloved Anne become Queen. Oh, what could have been.

King Henry Tudor: As the Archbishop of Canterbury goes over to my best friend Charles to receive the crown, I state clear and strong, “Wait!”

Thomas Cromwell: My gaze at my wife is startled by the voice of His Majesty. What is he doing? This wasn’t in the plan. No matter, I continue to gaze over at Nicosa. She takes my breath away.

Anne Boleyn: I turn to my husband and listen to his words. I wonder what is happening. Perhaps, my love has a special surprise for me. My heart almost stopped as he spoke those words, but I maintain my dignity and poise.

Thomas Cranmer: The King took the sacred Saint Edward’s Crown from my hands. What he is planning to do? It is so hard to understand his actions… God only knows what will be his point this time.

King Henry Tudor: It is time to crown my Queen. I step forward “Your Grace, I shall Crown her.” I state as the air grows silent; a King has never done this, but I am no mere King. I am their beloved Emperor, above all other Kings on the Earth. I take the crown of St. Edward and place it upon her head, and look out to see a most pleased Kingdom.  “Let us all celebrate the long life of the Queen Anne.”

The Entire Congregation: “Long live the Queen!”

Anne, the Quene: As my husband places the crown on my head, I feel any weight and fear lifted from me. Every has been completed. I am truly the Queen of England. It is no longer just by my marriage, but I have been recognized completely. I look at my husband and  my dark eyes shine with happiness. His Majesty steps aside so all can behold me as their Queen. I look ahead feeling every bit of my title. I know all eyes are on me. I am feeling so proud knowing that God’s will was done. I take a deep breath to steady myself. No one would know how I was feeling truly. I have hidden it well. Everything that I have ever dreamed about has come true. There is a peace deep inside of me. I know this is what I am truly meant to do.

Thomas Cranmer: I walk up to Sir Charles Brandon and accept the septre and orb, hold them up triumphantly and say, “Ubi sunt duo sceptors principis. Anna regina, nostra honoris gratia. Bene prospere procede, et novum te peperit filium regis sanguine.” (Here are the two sceptors of the sovereign. Honor and grace be to our Queen Anne. May you prosper, go forward, and may you bare a new son of the King’s blood.) I place the orb and septre into my beloved Queen’s hands, and she looks out at the congregation, now Queen of England.

Thomas Tallis: How joyful I am as I begin conducting the choir, with the congregation joins us in song. His Majesty and Queen Anne, so regal, so majestic, rise for all to see and begin walking in step with the music as if rehearsed.

Anne, The Quene: ~I stand tall and graceful. My heart is filled with pride and happiness. I helped down from my thrown. I am wearing a beautiful, sparkling gown. The jewels and gems that adorn me are fitting to my status. I turn lovingly to my husband and give him my sweet, small smile. My eyes glimmer with the grandeur of the True Queen. Everything is so formal and perfect. I carefully notice the eyes of my adoring family and friends. I know they are most honoured to be in my presence. I quietly thank God for his blessings and we start to walk down the velvet steps. My heart beating so fast, but not wanting these moments to end. I want everyone to know the truth and I want to be shining in front of them.~

King Henry Tudor: I take her hand and notice she is trembling slightly. I place my other hand over hers for a brief moment so that she knows I am with her. She is a true Queen. We begin our exit down the isle. All the Kingdom bows so low to her, us as we past that I see no faces. The Queen, the true Queen now has the respect that she has long deserved. Dear God, I will honor this woman, our son and the more children to come with my unrelenting and undying love and faithfulness. As we exit the bells toll in honor of her. Us. I hold her hand high. “Long live the Queen!” I say with love and pride. I turn to her, kiss her long and lovingly for all to see. I brush her face and whisper to her, “I love you now more than, my Queen.” Still holding her hand, I step back and give her a gentleman’s bow.

Anne, The Quene: ~I try to calm myself, but I know my love notices. He holds my hand tightly and I feel so safe in his hands. Everyone begins to lower themselves deeply whether be a bow or curtsy. I feel myself glowing. In a moment, my husband raises my hand and shouts “Long live the Queen!” I smile and squeeze his hand. We passionately kiss and for a moment, I am completely lost in his loving embrace. I am melting into him once more. He whispers of his love for me and I reply in an equal whisper, “I shall love you forever and I am truly your Queen…” I kiss his cheek softly. He bows to me and I stand so elegant and graceful. We continue walking down the aisle. I am beginning to feel the admiration and respect that I deserve. I am wanting for nothing…~

King Henry Tudor: We leave the abbey to see the masses all bowing. I nod and smile. “Anne, this is the happiest moment of my life,” I say quietly as we begin to walk to the carriage. I help her in the carriage, and we make our way to the festivities. “Even the skies will re-joyous for you tonight my love. And you, you my beauty deserve every moment of it.”

The bells of Westminster Abbey peal in celebration as His Majesty King Henry Tudor and Her Majesty Queen Anne depart for the procession back to Whitehall!