Master Smeaton and the Queen UK Court

Queen Anne Boleyn

Anne was feeling refreshingly merry, which was something that did not happen to her every day. She was always feeling angry or upset, ever since she and Henry had begun to quarrel. She loved Henry with all of her heart, she loved his blue eyes and everything about him but they clashed so often. He promised her that he would not ever break her heart or upset her but it seemed that he did it all of the time, as he ran around with his mistresses. He told her a long time ago that he only had eyes for her, and now she felt as if she had been betrayed, like everything he told her was a lie. Now that she was with child, he was being more gentle with her but she still felt as if he was loosing his passion for her.

Today she was more merry than ever, she danced around in her chambers as she listened to the tunes of the violinist Mark Smeaton. She ordered him to come and play for her, his music always seemed to brighten her spirits and today she wanted her spirits to break through the roof. The exotic lady chuckled as she clapped her hands to his music ”My, you do have a gift for music Mark!”


  Mark Smeaton 

Mark smiled as he heard the praise from the queen. He reached the height of fame by playing for the king and queen. He worked hard to come up with new songs and dances he thought they would enjoy. Queen Anne was in a jovial mood, Mark liked to see her laughing and happy. ” Your Majesty, I have written this song just for you. It is about a mysterious woman with eyes as dark as the night.” He took his violin and lost himself in the melodies of the music but hoped his patron would appreciate the effort he took to praise all her beauty and virtues. She was a generous queen but he wished to be included in the society she kept. When he finished he bowed and took her hand. ” I hope you enjoyed that mine queen, for their is no melody that can compare to the beautiful sound of your laughter.”

Anne Boleyn 

A grin was plastered across the Queen’s face as she heard Mark refer to her eyes, her eyes which were known at court for being black and beautiful. No one else had eyes like hers, she was told and she was glad of them. When she was younger she remembered detesting her eyes, wishing that she looked like her mother or her sister Mary. She wished that she had their beautiful light eyes but as she left France she became confident in her body, and she soon understood that she stood out due to her dark pools.

”Haha you are very thoughtful Mark,” she chuckled as she danced around to the tunes that he played. She found some happiness in her own chambers, her own world of her own fantasies and dreams. No one could stop her from feeling happy in her own chambers.

When the musician finished the Queen clapped once more, a sound of real laughter coming from her throat. She did not fake her laugh like some of the ladies, when she felt amused she let the world know. She did not stifle it softly like some. ”It was beautiful Mark, you truly are gifted and I know no other who has such a talent for music,” she nodded her head as she praised him. ”Tell me Mark. How have you been?”



Mark Smeaton

“Your Majesty you honor me, I love nothing more then to make you happy and hear your beautiful laughter.” Mark became bold and took his queen’s hand and kissed it. He longed to be in the queen’ inner circle of friends. He could easily forget his social status when he was in her company. He saw the allure that made the king fall in love with her. There was something about her Majesty that made it impossible to take your eyes off of her and made you want to be in her company.

” Your Majesty my heart is broken and the only solace I have is writing and playing for you and his Majesty. I forget all when I am in your presence and am humbled to be so fortunate as to make my queen smile. ”

He bowed and took his lute and played another lively song that he had written just for her.

Anne Boleyn

Anne smiled warmly at the musician as he took her hand, she knew that their closeness was a little risky but Anne knew that she did not have any deeper feelings for the man. He was a friend, a companion to help her when Henry was ignoring her. Nothing more than that, and though she saw all of her ladies judging her at times, their little beady eyes looking at Mark and her. She knew that they were wrong.

”As a friend Mark. Tell me, how do I help your heart become one again? I cannot stand to see you be in pain, there must be something else that I can help you with. Just ask..and I will command it,” she whispered softly to him. She gave him a meaningful look and then clapped her hands when he began to play his tune once more.


Mark  Smeaton 

Mark lost himself in his music again, the queen unbeknownst to her made him think of her brother. He longed for George and hoped in time he would see that they could be together again. All his hurt was due to George’s wife. As Mark finished playing, he thought of the numerous accidents that could befall Lady Rochford.

” Queen Anne, just being in your presence is a gift for me but to be able to play for our king and queen is more then a man such as I could have ever hoped for. If anyone could make my heart sing, Tis you your Majesty. Just your smile lights up the room. As long as you allow me to be in your company, nothing else matters for what is a broken heart compared to being amongst an angel like my queen. ” He bows and kisses her hand once again.

Anne Boleyn

Anne had her suspicions about Mark but she never truly accepted them, she always pushed them to the back of her mind as they were not natural to the Queen. She wondered who would reject this composer, if Anne was the débutante that she once was, she would strive to become friends with him and perhaps flirt with him a little more than she usually did. Anne cheered when he finished his song, she always enjoyed hearing him play, his songs took her away to another world. A peaceful one where she had no worries, she didn’t have to worry about an heir and Elizabeth and Henry were both there and they both loved her. His music seemed to have a deeper meaning, as if he played from experience.

”Your words are very kind Mark. I wish that I could make you more happier though, I am the Queen,” her eyes slid to his and she smiled even more ”I can change things, if you ask me for something..I can help you. Do not be afraid to ask Mark, I am not going to have you thrown in the tower for asking. I do not wish to see a part of you empty, even if playing for me and the King takes it is still there,” she looked at him deeply.This was where her softer side came out, most people assumed that she was ambitious and haughty and free of kindness.

They were wrong, a warm side was kept inside her and she could be very charitable when she wanted to. Anne Boleyn was a very complex woman.



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