A New Pope… (Z Fantasy Reenactment Court)

Word had filtered across the channel that Pope Julius II was dead from a fever. Thomas Cromwell’s men also brought interesting tidings from the Vatican City. The Church was displeased that their English brother Wolsey was still incarcerated without proof of his guilt. As a result, the younger members of the College of Cardinals were whispering to make Wolsey head of the Catholic Church and this plan was gaining momentum. Opposing this plan were supporters of the de’ Medici’s with the son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, ruler of the Florentine Republic, Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici working for votes to become Pope.

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Cromwell knew what was best for England and it was not a Medici as head of the Catholic Church. Cromwell had to move quickly if he was to take advantage of this turn of events which would give England, Arthur and Cromwell an edge over their European neighbours. The hour was late as he makes his way to Arthur’s study to inform his King of the news from the Vatican.

Thomas Cromwell UK Z

Cromwell walked through the hall with a grin as bright as the waning moon. His news would be well recieved and his plan would be even better digested, for it would be to England’s great advantage to have our very own Cardinal Wolsey sit in St Peter’s high chair. England would emerge as a great power, having even greater influence than France and Spain, King Arthur would be damn near unstoppable. Forget this Giovanni di Lorenzo de’ Medici. That was the last thing this world needed. Another greedy, self-obssessed Medici would who look out for none but his own. That would not be good at all. Wolsey would be the best choice. Cromwell approached the King’s study and entered quietly, he whispered to the nearest servant to announce his arrival to His Majesty.


King Arthur Tudor Z

I sat looking out the window trying to figure out how I was going to get Wolsey out of this mess. Slamming my fist down thinking of how horrible Henry was for causing this charade of a trial. Henry knew Wolsey was innocent as much as I knew it. Henry was not deceiving me, this was his revenge on Wolsey for supporting and working towards the Swedish alliance. I throw all the documents all over the desk and thought about just throwing them in the fire. I picked up his goblet of ale hoping it would give me some clarity to this deplorable situation when my guard announced Cromwell’s arrival. ” Let Master Cromwell in. ” Cromwell walks in with a sly look on his face. His look brought some hope for Cromwell had a mind for legalities and could always find a loophole. ” Master Cromwell, welcome, have a goblet of ale with me. I hope the look on your face implies some good news for a change.

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Thomas Cromwell UK Z

Cromwell bowed appropriately as he entered the king’s presence. ”Your Majesty. I have come with urgent and revealing news that I think you will find most pleasing.” Cromwell continued as he noted the King’s increased interest. ”It has come to my knoweledge of which I am most secure, that though His Holiness, Julius II has passed on recently, It seems the College of Cardinals may be in a debate as to whom to appoint as his successor. It also seems quite clear to my informants that quite a few members of the College were looking hopeful to appoint an Englishman to the seat of Saint Peter….And it seems that our very own Cardinal Wolsey is being considered, in retalition for his wrongful imprisonment no doubt but a great honor indeed. I do not think I need explain to Your Majesty, the great benefits this would have upon the realm should the Cardinal be elected?”

King Arthur Tudor Z

I smile as I hear the joyous news. Even though Pope Julius II was a great man, his death had come at a perfect time. This is the diversion that could free my loyal servant and good friend. ”God must have a hand in this, does he not Cromwell? Wolsey as pope could help England become much more powerful then France or Spain. You are very right about the advantages it would give this realm, to think England could have such a powerful friend in the Vatican. Even the emperor would fear a political conflict with such a strong friend of his holiness. I knew Erica would be very happy with these turn of events. “We most postpone the trial for it would be unholy to continue this farce of a court with our cardinal while we are in morning for his holiness. We must be respectful Master Cromwell.” Cromwell smiles at me, I could tell he knew exactly what my orders would be. I tossed him a full purse of gold coins. “My thanks for telling me the sad news.” I smiled again, ” if Wolsey does become pope I will remember your loyalty and you will rise as well. ”



Thomas Cromwell UK Z

Cromwell bowed and smiled appropriately as he listened to the King’s approval and clasps the purse of gold. ”All will be done as you ask, Your Majesty.”. Taking his leave, Cromwell smirked lightly as he returned to his own chambers. Making the Cardinal the Holy Father of all Christianity should be an interesting task to fill.



By Arthur Tudor Z and Thomas Cromwell UK Z

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