To My Dearest Father.


Let not your Spirits be cast down, for I hope we shall see one another in a better Place, where we shall be free to live and love in Eternal Bliss.” -Sir Thomas More


My Dearest Father,

Tis only been but a  few days that you have been taken from this earth. My grief has not been lessened, dare I say it has been growing more so with each passing day. I pray to God every day to bring our family and dear friends peace. Tis not easy for them either dear papa. They tell me that they are angry with King Henry, that you did not deserve to be humiliated and killed for standing up for your beliefs. You were the kings oldest and most trusted friend, stood by him though many things and this is how he repays you? Father, I can not help but be most angry towards him. He took away our loving and pious father for no other reason to assert his dominance. However, you have taught my siblings and I to be kind and peaceful while keeping our faith. I need your guidance in this matter papa, tis not fair that we shall have to be without you whilst the king goes on his merry way as though nothing has happened! For God sakes, will nothing stop this tyrant? -sighs heavily and continues to write, trying to control her shaky hand-


No, dear papa I do not think anything will. I shall try my best to remember the good memories we shared. Nothing nor no one can take them from my mind. Some nights, I can not help but dream about the last time I saw you, in the tower. How dreary and vile of a place. Barely any food or water to keep you alive. No place for my papa. My heart, though barely kept together knowing that you were still alive one more day and then utterly falling apart seeing a man, who looked nothing like the papa I knew. For no one but my husband knew how much I wept that day I saw you. It was too much to bear.I sometimes sit up at night, staring off into space. Searching for an answer but one never does come. Such a kind and loving husband and father just to be thrown away by his once closest friend. Every letter you hath wrote to me, I shall keep close to me, no matter the subject that is contained in them. They are the very last words that I shall ever see from my papa.



I very much wish that I could send letters to you in Heaven. I long to see your smile and how your eyes light up even the darkest room. -Fighting tears back- I will not let your legacy die with you. No papa, I will see to it that my children carry on what you have taught our family. Do not fear, I shall take care of mama. She also has been devastated by your death. Your death has been hard on all of us. I would move Heaven and earth to have you back here. I still need your loving guidance. You always had the most sage advice that I have ever heard. I am lost without you papa. No one will ever be able to replace you. Henry has made a huge mistake and he shall have his comeuppance soon. Oh papa, I love you very much! Please watch over our family and close friends. We need you now more than ever.



Your loving daughter,




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