Reconciliation (Uk Court)



Upon his return from Penecstre, Henry enters the East garden at Greenwich Palace. Seeking Anne, and told by her lady he would find her there, he made his way down the lush, hedge-rowed path to at last find Anne walking about the fragrant flora of the garden with the little Princess Elizabeth nestled in her arms.


Henry pauses momentarily watching Anne coddle the child. Whispering to her as they walk amongst a bed of bright red roses. Henry cannot help but smile at the sight of his young daughter. Her red locks blazing in the sun. Her fair, freckled face beaming. As he collects his thoughts, Henry slowly approaches them.

”Anne…” he says and she turns with a start. ”Let me see my beautiful daughter, Elizabeth” he holds his hands up to take her, however to his annoyance, Anne reaches out and grasps the front of his doublet.




Anne had been spending more time with her daughter when Henry had left, she had been in pieces but had slowly become more of herself again. She would cry herself to sleep for days, thinking about Henry and she would scream out at night awakening all of her ladies. She knew she had to be strong and try and conceive again ..she had to conceive..for her sake.

Henry’s love was fickle. She loved him so much, yet he was ripping her apart all of the time. She held her daughter, her precious child Elizabeth in her arms so close to her. Elizabeth was every inch the Tudor rose, with her beautiful fair skin and her red hair. Anne was pleased that Elizabeth had taken on her eyes, it made her feel as If there would always be a part of her implanted on her daughter. Anne sat down beside a fountain, and placed Elizabeth beside her. Elizabeth was able to walk now and she sat beside Anne peering into the water with her. Fish swam around in the water their scales reflecting off of the liquid, Elizabeth pointed at the fish and Anne smiled happily at her daughter who filled her life full of happiness. ”There’s one…and another one. Oh did you see that one sweetheart?” Anne pointed at a fish who had jumped out of the water and dived back into it. Elizabeth nodded her little head, and giggled once more sending another warm smile to Anne’s face. Anne had never smiled so much until this day.


She picked Elizabeth up in her hands and held her close as they walked towards the roses, the sweet scents of the roses wavering into her nostrils causing a sweet sensation to take hold of her body. Anne knelt down and picked off a rose, being careful not to prick herself with the thorn. She gave it to Elizabeth who then began to smell it, her little dark eyes lighting up with joy as she placed it in her hair trying to copy the way Anne sometimes placed white roses in her hair. A voice interrupted her, and Anne turned around to see Henry. She had not expected him, she felt anger rise up from within her core and she grasped the front of him rather roughly, she began to calm herself down knowing that she would need to try and soften things between them. ”Forgive me, your Majesty, I was not expecting you,” Anne took her hands away and held Elizabeth out for Henry to take her.


Henry And Elizabeth II


Reaching out to take the child in his arms, Henry smiles as he lifts up her small hand and kisses it. Elizabeth smiles back at him and a giggle escapes her lips as he bounces her gently. ”Dear child… you are indeed your father’s daughter” he glances over at Anne. ”…though I do see some of your mother’s moodiness as well… particularly when you do not get your way” He twirls Elizabeth slowly in a circle, exchanging laughs with her before turning his attention back to Anne.

”We need to talk… there is much that requires clarity between us, Anne… I know not what expectations you had of me as wife of the king, but things must be made clear between us lest another scene occur such as did over a fortnight ago… I shall join you at supper tonight” He looks up at Elizabeth again and almost instantly, Henry’s dour expression returns to joy

”So, what has the Governess told you of our dear child” he says, changing the subject ”is she doing well?”




Anne smiled as Henry took his daughter, she was pleased that he still loved her despite her gender. She gave Henry a look when he said that Elizabeth had her moodiness but it was a good natured look, Henry was a nightmare sometimes but other times he was like heaven itself. She just did not know how a man could make her feel the way she felt so badly.

”I understand, your Majesty. I will be looking forward to it,” she spoke curtly her dark eyes looking at Henry for a moment, then quickly returned to Elizabeth her eyes again filling with joy as she watched her child giggle. Elizabeth was so innocent, she had no idea what was going on between her parents.

”She told me that Elizabeth is doing very well, that she is a very healthy child and that she is extremely intelligent for her age,” she boasted to Henry, pleased that her child was receiving one of the best educations in the land. Anne wondered If her child would take an interest in books such as she herself had.



Henry And Elizabeth


Henry’s spirits seems buoyed by the precocious look of his little princess. ”I am quite certain she is correct in her assessment”. Henry looks back toward Anne… he had spent the past fortnight in a haze of wine and ale. In the shroud of fog that blanketed his mind only one thought penetrated… Madge.

Now, with Anne and Elizabeth near, he pushes all thoughts of her aside. Her face still appears when he closes his eyes. Her beauteous visage and all it represented to him remain… yet being in these surroundings, seeing his daughter’s sweet face and Anne, seemingly accepting of all that has passed, it is as if the memories of the past several months were fading. Framed by such beauty Anne appears beautiful again to him as well. Her raven hair, full, red lips and look in her eyes; seductive even when they are not trying to be all captivate him at that moment and arouse his feelings.

However, as Henry hugs Elizabeth and closes his eyes his child, again she appears… A sudden pang, as though from a swift blow suddenly aches within his core, dull and hollow. Such that even the recesses of his mind afford him no surcease. He opens his eyes, his cheek beside Elizabeth’s, to see Anne smiling at him. Instinctively, he returns her smile.

”Intelligent our child may be” Henry says to her, his smile tempered ”But she is no prince”. Gingerly he gives her back to Anne.





Anne watched Henry holding Elizabeth, she wondered what was going on inside his head. Oh how she wished to be a fly on the wall whenever he expressed his true feelings. The way he had pleaded after Madge was still embedded deep inside her heart, even though her dark eyes – like pools after midnight did not show any sign of discomfort there was still a churning deep within her, that reminded her of that night.

She turned to look at the liquid flowing from the fountain once more, its white foam spraying up in the air at times. Her dark locks cascaded down her back, some falling just beside her generous endowments which were covered by a maroon coloured silk gown which was quite low cut, she preferred the French fashion than the rather dull English one…she had brought French fashion to court. A small pale rosette was clasped into her hair. She wore the rubies that Henry had gave her, her morning with Lady Rochford had got her to think and she decided that she would wear them when she was out with Elizabeth to make it seem as If the Tudor family was stronger than ever.

She took Elizabeth back from Henry and gave her a small kiss on her soft forehead. Looking into Henry’s eyes, without blinking she spoke rather suggestively ”Well that will have to be corrected your Majesty,” she spoke her voice soft.




With raised eyebrow, Henry reaches out and touches his fingers to Anne’s petite chin. ”Indeed…” he says smiling, imbued with a new-found mirth and burning blue light in his eyes from her words. Within him the remaining embers of their love began to smolder.

”Elizabeth should have a brother… I trust that verily we shall see to that later this evening”. Henry searches her deep, dark eyes. Feeling himself falling into them as he slowly strokes the back of his hand sensuously down her rosy cheek. ”I shall see you then for supper, Anne… Keep me not waiting for I shall have a great appetite”.

He steps up and gives Elizabeth a slight kiss upon her fair cheek before turning to Anne. Smiling down at her, he draws his lips to hers and kisses her passionately, deeply, igniting the embers to flame. Keeping his eyes wide open as he does. When after their lingering kiss, they part, Henry looks up at her and whispers; ”Until tonight, Anne”



Anne looked deep into his oceanic blue eyes turning her eyes in a way that she knew drove him insane, it had always made him become aroused when she used her eyes in the seductive way she had learnt when she had been very little. Anne always knew how to ensnare a man, not with the blonde hair of her sister but with her striking looks.

”Yes, it must be lonely for her. And I am sure she will be a wonderful sister to him,” she spoke to Henry, her voice low and breathy her hot breathe tingling across his neck as they were standing closer than ever . As he touched her cheek she felt parts of her burn with longing, her core heating up, she was beginning to throb in her most private places.

His lips touched hers and begun a fire that would burn and burn before being put out rapidly, she welcomed his lips softly nibbling on his lower lip before becoming more passionate with her kiss, enjoying the sweet taste of him. They parted and Anne caught her breathe, ”I will be ready..Henry,” she spoke his name and kissed Elizabeth. ”Come now Elizabeth. We shall stay out in the garden for a little while then we shall head back and I will finish by reading a story to you my darling,” Anne smiled her eyes still on Henry.




Written by Queen Anne Boleyn UK SV & King Henry Tudor UK

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