The Princess And Her Protector ( C Court)




Princess Cleopatra’s boat drifts lazily up the red sea coastline. The late afternoon sun casts long shadows upon the sandy coast and rising hills. In the royal boat along with Cleopatra and her ladies is her personal guard Amenakht. Together they watch as the landscape changes as they head toward the southern tip of the Sinai desert. Behind them, the boat carrying the Princess’ goods and possessions follows. Beyond that, the Nile Valley, Alexandria and a world they no longer belong to. Before them, a world unknown.



Amenakht watches as the narrow waters of the Suez flow
inexorably towards the mouth of the Red Sea. Standing at the
stern of the vessel, he looks across to see Cleopatra near the
boat’s bow. She appears somewhat listless. Silently watching
the rocky red hills of the Sinai coast pass by as the sun begins to
disappear behind them.

”You” He beckons with his fingers, calling out to a young man in
a white tunic. In his arms he holds a small harp… ”Play for your
queen” The boy obediently cradles the harp in his arms and begins
plucking the strings. Creating a sweet dulcet sound that fills the still
air with a slow, melodic song…Amenakht makes his way through the
crowd on the deck, towards Cleopatra. Taking his place beside her,
he looks out onto the unknown vista before them.

”Your highness…we are but one more day and night from reaching
Naama Bay…Khonsu, god of the moon, has been kind to us… our
journey shall be a brief and safe one…every man here is loyal to
you…we shall all be there with you at your side when you return
triumphantly into Alexandria and take your rightful place upon the
throne of the two kingdoms”.



Princess Cleopatra

 *I look at Amenakht; always so loyal, always protecting me… he has a special place inside my heart…the place of special and pure people; I k now he will never betray me; I know I can put my life on his hands and sleep peacefully.. with no fears* ”My Loyal Amenakht; thank you for your loyalty…. you know I consider you a special friend. Indeed, you speak the truth; I lost the battle but not the war… I will rule again; and this time, I will do it alone. I will be at pray… I will ask Isis for guidance…. but also I will ask Anubis for help and counsel; it seems that the dark forces will be needed; This humiliation demands blood, suffering, and pain from those who caused it…. I will not forgive them!”



He turns and stands before her, bowing his head. ”Your highness…
I pledge to you on my life. That these waters which carry us now
so far from our home, shall one day safely return us there…those
who seek to deny you your rightful claim, my queen…shall one day
themselves be banished from our land. I and every man loyal to your
father shall see to it…” He looks up. His dark eyes looking directly
into hers. ”You may count on it, your highness”.

Though he had always tried to hide the strong attraction he felt for
her, it became increasingly clear to him that exile would change
everything…Ever since they were children, he felt a bond with her.
Had always looked after her…now, as her personal bodyguard,
Amenakht could no longer push aside the growing desire within
him to be more than just her guardian. More than just venerate her
for her royal ancestry…the growing need within him was to worship
her as much for being a woman as a queen…carried by the slow
current, he realized in the unending days and weeks of exile at last…
at last they would be together. Queen and bodyguard…man and


Princess Cleopatra

*Leaving aside the protocols of a Queen, I touch Amenakht’s left cheek and smile to him* ”Your loyalty is clear to me, as the beautiful waters of the blue Nile… May Isis bless you always, and keep you safe; I would be lost without you; I am strong… but you are my support when weakness comes”.



Though her touch sets fire to his skin, he maintains a stolid look upon his face. ”I am humbled by such a gracious blessing…as always, I give my life freely to you my queen”. Looking into her deep dark eyes his desire stirs, causing him discomfort and guilt. ”The dark shall soon come…I shall light the lamps, and when you are secure in your cabin, your highness, I shall stand guard outside it until the sun rises… I need no rest”. He bows his head and kneels for a moment before turning around and heading back to the stern of the boat. Closing his eyes and taking a breath to regain his composure.


Princess Cleopatra

 *He seems so strong… so sure of himself, and yet, my loyal Amenakh is still a mystery to me. Since we were children, he has been my protector and friend. When I return to my beloved land as Queen again… I will make sure he gets a place of honor in my Kingdom*

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