Beyond Earthly Bonds


When Henry Percy his betrothed, the sweet, and much belov’d Anne Boleyn

Did meet, a passion bound their souls and hearts and so set them aflame to meld as one

To beat a marvellous majestic heated rhythm, that as so often hearts of lovers do

Who seek whatever precious little time is left or yet is still allowed, as high above them

Angels beat their gentle wings so soft about to conjure up with loves eternal power

Great sweet glorious perfumed clouds that silent swirl and eddy about their

Sainted feet to carry both away in such a state, so blissful and ecstatic, soaring high o’er

Village and street far away from all their daily deathly fears and earthly woes.


When Sir Henry Percy, with his own belov’d Queen Anne Boleyn did meet,

Beyond the stars at heaven’s gate, their love it was, at last complete.




© Andy Cooke 27/06/2013

4 Replies to “Beyond Earthly Bonds

  1. We are now in God’s care, and in his eyes, my love my sweet, married we are; for the whole of our eternal lives.

  2. If only God allowed us to marry. Tis the most glorious poem from my eternal love.

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