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Those heady summer days turn’d to evening

And the skylark sings sweet lullaby o’er head

As lovers you and I did naught but walk

Hand in hand, innocent so o’er sweet camomile

A’ tween soft white scented roses;

Those were the sweetest days of all.

Still, warm English summer, Hever nights

When where we went but no one

Knew and no one saw but the

Late night shrew and silent owl.

They need not make promise nor vow

Our secret ne’er to tell; though as still their

Silence they did keep, about us all the while

As we two lovers lay entwined to sleep

‘Twas set before we could not know, that tragedie

Was yet to call and make us weep.


Thomas Cromwell, Y Court
Thomas Cromwell, Y Court


(c) Andy Cooke 12/06/2013

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  1. The sadness of your poetry brings tears to mine eyes. If only we were allowed to marry. Thank you Sir Percy, it is a beautiful tribute.

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