Here In My Darkness

Here in my darkness

Here in my darkness, waiting with sadness,

The end of my life, a chapter that was full of glory,

Joy and laughter; here, in total darkness, in a silent fortress, I spend

My last hours.


Here in my darkness, in this cold place,

Where once I shared moments of grace; where once I

Fulfilled a dream,  a dream of love, a dream of power,

A dream, that I never expected to be over.


Here in my darkness, I remember my love for him,

A love greater than the universe.  I gave my heart,

I  gave my soul, I gave my body, in an intense passion that now

Is a painful agony.


It all started as a game… as a hunt for fame; but I ended loving

Him, with a love I never knew, with a feeling I never knew; he

Became my world, the center of my soul; the reason for me to

Breathe, to exist, to live.


And tomorrow, will come the end of my sorrow, I know he

Will not remember me anymore… but I will never be discarded

Of his existence, because I will be there… in his presence.


My Elizabeth, in her eyes, in her smile, in her glorious presence; he

Will see me, he will find me; he will see that I loved him truly, in the

Existence of her, that is the fruit of the intense love that we once



Here in my darkness, I remember his love, I remember his touch, I

Remember his words; his promises… the intense fire of his kisses.

Oh, those days… when were just Anne and Henry, when the crown

Had no value, and our bodies were like statues, joined by the power

Of love.


But those days are over, my fairytale is finished, and the last

Chapter is not a happy ending… my fairytale will end with my

Blood shed in front of those who once witnessed my rise… and

By tomorrow, they will laugh with my fall.


I played with fire, and I got burned; and there is no time to turn;

Here in my darkness I pray… for a painless death, for a chance

To see the heaven in my last breath… I know I will be remembered

As Anne the whore, the traitor, the King’s mistress.  But I know the

Truth, and he knows it too…. I loved another in the past… but I was

The woman of the King, only his, always his.


Here in my darkness, I bury my love, my memories, my life, my

Tears and my desires;   I will be no more tomorrow, my new dawn,

Will be my last, this life of mine ended too fast.


Farewell my love… forgive me for my fails, they were not planned,

I was frail, I was not strong enough to bear you the son you wanted,

In the end.. you proved your superiority over me, and now I will be

Just a bad dream for thee.


Farewell my little angel… my sweet and loving Elizabeth, here

In my darkness I make you this promise… that I will always be

With you, I will protect you and give you my blessing… and when

You feel that the weight of the world in pressing… remember my

Love for you…. And all will be better.


Here in my darkness… I know soon will come the end of my

Loneliness.   Wait for me my brother… it will not be longer, soon

We will share heaven, no more pain, no more regrets, no more

Sadness… only rest, only peace… here in my darkness, I pray for a

Painless death.

Mercy Rivera

Mercy Rivera is a popular short deep introspection fiction and non-fiction history writer composing in both English and Spanish. Mercy is also well known for her beautifully crafted historically themed videos.