Queen Anne Boleyn Writing Contest Winners!!!!!!

Anne Boleyn portrait


Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers is very pleased to announce the winners of the “Queen Anne Boleyn Writing Contest”!! We are very excited by the exceptionally high quality of all the entries we received, so much so that the judges have determined “First Place” to be a tie between two truly outstanding entries. BOTH “First Place” winners will receive The Creation of Anne Boleyn, A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen, personally signed for each winner by author Susan Bordo. Congratulations everyone!!!!!!!!

FIRST PLACE:  An Excerpt From Perseverance, by Katlyn Lewicke

FIRST PLACE:  The Hare, by Sofia Arellano

SECOND PLACE:  The Final Chapterby Rebecca Miles

THIRD PLACE:  A Flame Extinguished, by Bridgett Bassett Trejo

HONORABLE MENTION: The Chateau Vert Pageant, by Ralphine Lamonica

Now the fun begins with the second, third and honorable mention prizes! Rebecca, please pick your prize and inform Royal Squire of your choice. Then Royal Squire will inform Bridgett of the two remaining prizes. She selects her prize, and the last remaining goes to Ralphine! Pictures of the prizes are available on the “QAB Writing Contest” Page.

As promised, on the anniversary of Queen Anne Boleyn’s death, May 19th, all winning entries will be highlighted on the website with art and pictures added by website administrator, Royal Squire and Anne Boleyn themed videos contributed by Anne Boleyn QAB Representative, Mercy Alicea.

Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers would like to thank our judges, Charles Grecho, Colleen Daly and Mercy Alicea, who spent hours reading the wonderful entries and deliberating all unattributed writing fairly.  Much appreciation also goes to feminist philosopher and author Susan Bordo and Ilana Leah of Duchessa Designs.



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  1. Amazing work, I am glad and so pleased with the outcome of this contest. Congratulations to the winners and to all participants!!

  2. I am very pleased to say that the entries included writers from all over the world, not just writers here on the website. For example, Katlyn is a writer on FanFiction.net and Bridgett has her own website blog and facebook fan page, “The Tudor Cafe”.

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