Interview With Karelleyn Brae Wade

Interview With Karelleyn Brae Wade

Dhariya, Prelude to a Dark Legacy, is a gothic love story darkly and eloquently written by Karelleyn Brae Wade. Like may writers here at Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers (QAB), besides fiction writing,  Karelleyn enjoys role playing, and does so on “a social networking website to remain unnamed”. QAB recently caught up with Karelleyn to discuss her novel and future plans.

1. Karelleyn, your novel has a very distinct gothic presence throughout. What motivated you to choose the dark overtones you paint so vividly?

I love the classic gothic novels such as Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights…the elements of dramatic intensity, passion and the hidden mystery within the darkness greatly appeals to me. These novels are the novels I most enjoy reading. They indeed paint very vividly in their literary depictions. I feel it is an extraordinary talent which has been lost in our present day stories. It is my endeavor to keep this style alive in my own work.

2. Karelleyn, the protagonist of you novel, is exceptionally emotionally complex. Her life experiences, largely tragic, the emotional pain in pulsating. What are your thoughts on why you chose to delve deeply into her psyche?

I chose to do this because I feel it is of great importance to reveal the depths of the characters. This is a vital element to understanding what makes them who and what they are and why. She is truly a unique woman of her time, a woman of substance and fortitude who does not follow the strictures of the high society she has been born into……through all the harsh trials she faces she has never lost her compassion while forging a strong will and the instinct for survival against all odds.

3. Your “Table of Contents” is in verse, and each chapter begins creatively with the thoughts of Dhariya. What gave you the idea to do this?

This was something that happened without forethought. I was writing down various ideas for the story and the words of this verse just came to me. As I began to put them down, I realized that they indeed gave an accurate depiction of the contents of the chapters, so if they were written out in the correct sequence they would in fact be a summation of the entire story…so this is what i did.

4. Llyr, the antagonist of the novel, is also a highly complex character, like Dhariya with a tortured soul. What was you thinking is his character development?

It was imperative to show him in this way. He is one in whom darkness and shadows have followed since early childhood. Deeply scarred and flawed behind the handsome exterior, he has been alone for most of his life and has found his own means of survival.  It is all about choices and consequences of actions. He and Dhariya are a reflection of each other; he is the darkness she is the light, yet each of these elements have their own crosses to bear ….nothing is ever without challenge, yet it is what we do with what we are given that reveals who we truly are inside.

5. Your novel is very rich in descriptive detail. What hints can you provide novice writers in how to develop this very important writing skill?

It is important to see your scenes with your inner vision ….to find what is imperative to the story within it and describe this to the readers. Think of how you want them to experience the words. You must go to the place you wish to take your readers and write from there. The author must first experience the words in order to have the reader’s experience them.

6. I understand you are working on a second novel. Would you like to tell us about that?

Yes, at present I am near to completing the sequel novel entitled ‘Llyr ~ In The Presence of Darkness ~ the Legacy’. It is a tale told from the male’s perspective. It tells of what has brought Llyr onto the darkness and the extreme challenges he facing as he continues on his dark journey seeking light. It reveals the further depths of passionate love between Llyr and Dhariya and the profound importance she is to his ultimate survival.This is book two in what will be a ‘Dark Legacy Series’…each story being a stepping stone to deeper mysteries and more profound truths….linking back to the dawn of time.

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