Framlingham Speech

Framlingham Castle. This is where Mary I Tudor was forced to flee after Northumberland and Edward VI’s Council treasonous declaration of Jane Grey-Dudley as Queen of England making Mary and her sister, Elizabeth fugitives of the state. It was here that the princess gathered the troops loyal to her and the legitimate order of the Tudor succession and they would soon defeat Northumberland’s forces and lead Mary to her rightful throne.
Mary I Tudor, Queen Regnant of England. 1553-1558.

I awoke this morning knowning that in a few days time, with God’s help, i would finally take back what is rightfully mine. The Throne of England, which has been denied to me for so long. As my supporters grow, so does my faith and i will revenge myself and my family against that power hungry snake, Northumberland. He must believe me to be a fool to not see who is pullling the strings behind my little cousin Jane’s supposed claim to MY Throne. I know tis not her fault. She is too young and inexperienced for such matters. I have spoken to her many times before and is assured that she would rather spend her time studying than carrying on with matters of state. Today, my army rests on my estates on the eve of battle. Some i am sure are unsure of the cause they are fighting for and so i spend most of the day asking God for the words to rally their spirits. By twilight, he has given me an answer. After their supper, I order the men to the courtyard and i speak the truth to them:

“I first want to say to you all that i thank each and every one of you for allowing the lord to open your eyes and hearts to the truth of the matter at hand. God has called Me and mine to rule this land to make England greater than she is and with your help so it shall be done. We all know the Spawn of Evil, Northumberland, like others before him, has not only disobeyed my royal father’s last will and testament but has manipulated and taken advantage of my ill and already confused brother-king on his own death bed and has tried to steal a crown that rightfully belongs to me, my heirs and my sister, Elizabeth and hers. It was stated in my father’s will should Edward’s, mine and Elizabeth’s line fail without issue at then the Crown of England should pass to the descendants of my Aunt Mary Tudor-Brandon, Dowager Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk. But No. The Duke of Northumberland has decided to commit a terrible treason in usurping the power of the already illegitimate Protectorate of England  and having my deathly ill brother-king illegally write me and my sister out of the line of succession to rule behind my cousin, Jane Grey and his son, her husband. I have always been assurred of my right to rule this scarred country as you are proof of that right. You that are here know that England cannot be healed and prosper much as long as these greedy heretics stay in power. Not in my reign shall they be sustained! I make this promise as your already lawful Queen! I will return the righteous to their previous state! I will make England whole and true again! I will ensure these heretics suffer their punishment of ignoring the true faith and spreading their corruption among the faithful! And I will reward you all as God will also, for believing in me, in him and the truth! As God as my witness, I will make good on my word.”

I feel a surge of strength rise through me as the soilders cheer and cry out “Long Live The Queen!” and “Hail, Queen Mary!” I nod  and retake my seat as wine is being poured all around. I smile as i look at each and every one of them and think: “I will win, Mother. In God’s name , The Pope’s and yours, I will win.”


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