One Thousand Days

One Thousand Days

One thousand days; perfectly counted, lived and wanted; One thousand days of love, joy, glory, passion, power, sorrow and death; in one thousand days I had a life… and now, I will see it extinguished in a short last breath.

I can count, those thousand days like single pearls in my hand; that first day… when I met him, when we danced, when I was just lady perseverance, and he was the symbol of Honesty; the day when I started a game… and never thought I would burst in to flames.

Days came and went after that; I was following the game like a puppet in the hand of my masters; but my heart was melting in his presence; my soul possessed by his essence.  I started to count the days to see him; and my game turned in passion, my passion in desire, and my desire in endless love.

Days… changed in to months… and I already felt I was his, even when he only wanted me as a mistress; but I wanted to be more…I wanted to be his wife and queen; the reason for him to live, to breathe, to exist.   And in a dense group of long and hard days; I got my dream… he told me he would leave his useless queen… to give his heart and the crown to me.

Oh those days of love… those days of joy and glory; I was a queen without a crown… and I enjoyed the pain of the woman in the throne; because she was fading away, while I was the most happy.

But once she faced me and told me… that one day he would be tired of me… like with all the others before me; I should had listened, because now I am here… abandoned, neglected, condemned and forgotten; just like she was… when I arrived.

These are the last days of my life, no more hope, no more chances, no more dreams, no more dances, and no more laughter.  I see my days of glory passing by… like dark ravens.

Oh the day I became his wife and queen… when I was carrying the treasure of our love inside of me… my little princess, my beautiful Elizabeth… I wanted so much to give him a son, but God gave me her… a strong, lovely and charming little girl; the only element of this earth that will keep me living on.

But the day of her birth, was the day of the beginning of my end.  He started to be displeased… his love for me began to fade. Since then my days were harder, tears replaced smiles, fears replaced courage; I was running against time; the power was no longer mine.

I struggled against nature, and once again my womb was carrying the hope of a prince; his passion and love for me returned; I was the most happy once again, but fate destroyed that with an intense pain.   I lost the prince… I lost his hope; and my second chance to be secure on my throne.

More days of despair followed my loss; I saw ghosts of traitors around me all the time, whispers of dark omens, sounds of misery clouded my mind… and peace where hard to find.   I was in war with the King, he was looking in other’s beds what he does not wanted to have in mine… he started to find me useless; my body was no longer his temple.

Days came and went like in the beginning of my story in this realm; days of sadness, days of fears; nights of despair, dawns of loneliness.  Until one night… wine, music and fate played together on my favor… and I took him to my bed again; the pleasure was alive and once again… he was mine.  At dawn I prayed to God for a son… and days later… my prayers were answered.   I was with child; finally the prince would come… I was the most happy, and my days were peaceful.

But the peaceful days were short…I saw that my King’s heart was not mine anymore.  A new threat came to me… in the face of an innocent, pale, beautiful and decent; when I saw her before me the first time… I saw myself in the early years of my quest for the throne.  She was just like me…  desperate to get the passion and the heart of the King.  But I was stronger…I had a prince inside of me and a crown on my head; I trusted in that, and waited for the best.

Days came and went….close to reach a thousand… and one night I went to find my King and I found him… in her arms.   On that moment, I forgot who I was, I forgot I was pregnant; I was just a women in pain, in rage, jealous, desperate in agony; because my King was loving another, while I was there, watching.

I wanted to kill them… to destroy her and any seed of love she planted in him; my rage was overwhelming; and he came to me again, and with his lies and his gentle touch, calmed my furious heart.

And with his betrayal came the death, the death of the prince inside of me…  I saw my blood and his in my hands, all over me; my pain was the sign of the end… I was doomed once again.

Darkness arrived but I never felt it… within the walls of my palace my King was trying to get rid of me, so Jane could take her place; beside his throne.   He came to me sometimes, he kissed me, he hugged me, he told me that all would be in perfect harmony really soon…what he meant and I did not realized, is that he was planning my agony and my doom.

One day… the first of the lasts… the first day of May my fate was sealed; when I was in my chambers trying to think how to conquer his heart again… he was planning how to fill mine with pain.  Alas, they came for me under his command, with an order and a duty in their hands… I was going to be a prisoner, a loner in the cold Tower.  I held my pride high, in my mind I had nothing to be worried about, I was innocent… but my heart was trembling, with fear and despair.

In the Tower I saw myself… alone in that dark place, surrounded by quiet servants and cold spies.  I prayed for a miracle… but that never came.  After days of tears, one morning I heard the crowd in the place of execution… chanting, laughing; claiming the heads of my brother and my….”alleged lovers”.  Lovers… what a lie; I never betrayed Henry in the bed of another man; I loved him, with a love that was even more pure than myself.  There was my poor brother; a gentle soul that was corrupted by arrogance and power.  But our love was sacred… innocent as a sister can be with her brother; he was my comfort, my friend, my ally… his agony was my own; I was looking… from the window of my cell; praying for a quick and painless death for him; alas, fate was cruel, and that.. never happened.  He died cruelly… and the half of my heart died with him and with the other men that joined him in the pool of blood, blood of martyrs, in the realm of a monstrous King.

After that day I knew I was the next… I had no idea if I was going to be burned alive… or beheaded to the pleasure of his Majesty. My good and chivalrous guard came and told me that my head would have been severed from my body with a sword… like I humbly asked… at last the King showed me mercy… at least in death.

After a horrible delay… my last day of May is finally here; and there is no place for more tears.  One thousand days… just a thousand; it seems a long time but in fact is nothing… is a short life, lived so fast, so passionate; that hurts when you remember it.

My last day on this earth… I will leave in all the grace of the rank I still call mine… Queen, Queen of England; even if I am called Anne the whore; I am the Queen; I am an innocent woman walking towards an unjust death.  But I will walk, on my last day… with grace, with pride, with honor, with strength, with all the passion of the life I lived and I will know leave behind.

In silence, in front of this scaffold, I pray for Elizabeth… I ask God to bless her; to use my blood to seal a glorious fate for her.  I ask the Lord for a blessing upon her young life.  I know she will be queen one day… I know she will shine as the brightest star.  She is a magnificent treasure in this realm… part of me will always live here as long as she breathes.  I bless you my Elizabeth, even if you forget me… I will always be with you; and in silence I will tell you about my love for you, and I will tell you about my innocence; you will understand… in your heart, you will.
In my last day… I kneel before my death; her coldness is around me, her dark angel is already behind me.

I look at heaven with hope in my heart… soon a new beginning for me will start; I will see my brother… and my two little princes; they are waiting for me, and I will look down, knowing that my death will mark the disgrace of the King I once loved; my blood will be his misery, I can feel it; May the Lord have mercy on me… and on him; I was his passion in life, and forever, I will be his curse in death.  One thousand days…one last breath… darkness is coming… and there is the light…no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears…one thousand days… just a thousand…. Just a thousand.

Mercy Rivera

Mercy Rivera is a popular short deep introspection fiction and non-fiction history writer composing in both English and Spanish. Mercy is also well known for her beautifully crafted historically themed videos.

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