~~The Cruel Plot~~

I have presently been warned of a plot to seize me and keep me as a captive. My blood boils at the thought. I have been dishonoured yet again. I will no longer speak of the shame that my own father brought on my mother. I will not speak anymore of that mistreatment. I have grown and have cast it aside. I no longer wish to dwell on my cruel past. My time of reckoning shall occur and I shall get it. It seems as my heavenly father did not seem to want me to be Queen yet. However, I know I shall prevail. My fool brother did not want me in the line of succession and had sworn to write me out of it. He wanted to keep Elizabeth and not me. His eyes and thoughts are ruled by Satan. He knows not right from wrong. I should be Queen and I should rule as God would want me to.  Elizabeth is a darling sister and I do feel for her cruel shame as well. Her mother, a witch and harlot, should never have been her mother. I hope, in her heart, Elizabeth has disowned the concubine, but I do feel her pain. We two sisters mean nothing in this world. We only mean something when we have power and I believe I should have the power. I believe that I should rule in the rightful place. I was summoned to visit my poor brother. He was very young and dying, but I was warned. The heretics want Lady Jane Grey to rule in my stead. This sickens me. She is a young girl and knows nothing of ruling. She will fail and I will built support.  I have fled to an area far away, where I own many estates. I shall hide here until I have enough support. Mark my words there are already whispers of my great support. England is still loyal, deep in their hearts, to my mother and I. They are also fiercely loyal to my father and I am my father’s daughter. I am a Tudor. Tudors must rule the throne and our heirs must rule the throne. I must inform the council that I intend to be Queen. I must inform them that I shall not go away forever. This faux Queen shall not rule and I shall take my rightful place. Mark my words. With God’s help, it will be achieved!!!


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