What Were They All Thinking? (Humorous)

Thomas Cromwell: (I am awaiting Sir Thomas More’s arrival to meet with His Majesty. Once that is done and over with, I will keep my promise to Nicoleen and resign the King’s service.)

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Henry Tudor: *I sit on my throne speaking with Thomas Cromwell of our success. The Clergy has submitted to me. I then hear a guard announce Sir Thomas More. *He enters* “Sir Thomas” *I say with a peaceful heart mind.*

Thomas Cromwell: (The asshole walks by me…. I wish I could trip him.)

Thomas More:  ~I enter the throne room with one thought in mind, I resign this day. I am full disbelief that the clergymen have taken the information this donkey Thomas Cromwell has fed them. I see my King. His eyes are peaceful, With a heavy heart, Ibow~ “Your majesty” ~I then kneel at the feet of his throne~ “I come to offer my resignation from my post as Lord Chancellor” ~As I say these words I feel that bastards presence in the room. It is as if the devil himself is breathing skaata in this room.~ I beg you my King to allow me refuge away from court so that I may ready my mind for the Lord, his work and my family. You see I have found the great seal a weight that I can no longer bare. I have it here.” ~holds the seal up and meets his majesties eyes.~ “In the most humble of hopes that you will accept its return.” ~Give it to that Jackass behind me PLEASE!!! DAMN , here he comes~

Thomas Cromwell: (I instantly recognize a major problem…. Oh My God… That man is determined to ruin my life…. As the King nods my way, I walk up to the bastard, and glare right through the dog. I accept the great seal for safe keeping, and return to the back of the room…. irate, but composed.)

Henry Tudor: *I have seen this coming. I knew Thomas More would not be pleased with this. After Thomas Cromwell takes the seal, I glare at him*

Thomas More: ~I meet Thomas Cromwell’s eyes and glare at the devil. Please Dear father God do not let him touch me. He takes the seal. Phew, I escaped the evil bastards touch.~

Thomas Cromwell: ( I wish I could shove the seal up his ass.)

Henry Tudor: ”I most willing allow you to resign. Retreat to your life with God. You have always been a gentleman both in public and private. You have held your loyalty to me first most. You have been a good friend to me Sir Thomas More” *

Thomas Cromwell: (His Majesty is too kind…. He should send the dickhead to the tower. How dare he do this? Now?)

Thomas More: ”Your Majesty, I swear on my honor that I will never speak publicly of your great matter. I must unburden my heart one time only. ~And like this jackass in the room hear it all!~ After I say this I swear to never speak of it again, public or private. As your once truest confidant” ~UNLIKE THE DEVIL BEHIND ME! PLEASE READ BETWEEN THE LINES MAJESTY! I pause for a response from my King~ ” may I continue your majesty?”

Henry Tudor: *Motions my hand and nods for him to go on………If he mentions Catherine…..begins to feel the rage rising!*

Thomas Cromwell: (Holy Shit. Don’t tell me he is going to actually spew to His Majesty about his love and devotion to the Dowager. Shoot me dead now.)

Thomas More: ”I am of the deepest belief that if your Majesty could reconcile with Queen Catherine, the realm could be mended and healed. The division within the realm would have cause to come together again.”

Thomas Cromwell: (stifles a laugh)

Henry Tudor: *Did he really just call HER THE FUCKING QUEEN?*

Thomas Cromwell: (Did he really just call HER THE FUCKING QUEEN?)

Thomas More: ”Now that I have said this, I will never mention it again My King.” ~Begins to retreat backwards, Thank God I will not have to look Satan in the eye.~

Thomas Cromwell: (Oh My God. This man has a death wish.)

Henry Tudor: ”Thomas, you will honor that promise for if you ever” *ponds my fist on the arm of my throne* “make a public mention of you feelings, there will be a price you my friend will pay.*

Thomas Cromwell: (Go ahead, More…. say it again. Do it.)

Thomas More: *Nods and retreats, damn there is Satan, shivers, that man should be set a fire*

Henry Tudor: *feelings of dispare overwhelm me. Saddens me. I look to Thomas Cromwell and notice he seems to be feeling the same way* Thomas, what are your thoughts?

Thomas Cromwell: “Well, Your Majesty…. I know you trust Sir Thomas, but there are many capable men who could step in and be Lord Chancellor and Chief Minister… Sir Thomas Audley, for example. Or even Sir Richard Rich. In fact, anyone could be replaced. Sir Richard could do my job quite capably too for that matter.

Henry Tudor: “Yes, I have in mind the man for the job. And as for you Thomas Cromwell, I will need you to head Chair of committee to oversee the canons of the Church of England. There is no other man for the job. Your works for the submission of clergy has earned you this position. I proudly bestow it upon you.”

Henry Tudor: ”I also will bestow another title of most honor to you for indeed you have most honorable earned it ” *My heart is still so heavy oh Thomas More,* “You are know Chief Minister of England” *I smile as this has lifted my heart*

Thomas Cromwell: (Holy Shit… now what? Damn. Face shows stunned look, there’s no hiding it.) “Your Majesty, your benevolence and confidence in me is a great honor and I am very touched, but I could not possibly….”

Henry Tudor: ”SILENCE! You will not pretend to be humble and act that you not wish for these graces I have given you.”

Thomas Cromwell: ”Yes, Your Majesty. I am most honoured. Thank you. I pray to never fail your trust in me.” (bows) (How am I supposed to explain this to Nicoleen?)

Henry Tudor: ”Leave me now” *Waves him out*

~~~~~ Fade To Black ~~~~~



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