I Pay The Penance…

Thank you, Virgin Mary, Mother of God. He is gone. After His Majesty’s Secretary leaves my home, I ask Alice to open up the windows to air the demons out. I have to. The man breathes sin straight into his pores. He sat right at my dining room table, before my St. Peter Statue on the mantle, and admitted to me that he has no wife because he beds whores. He then offered me heretic Lutheran literature. The toad even insulted my beloved Margaret. Pole is right, the Emissary of Satan is the King’s Secretary. Poor Harry, counseled by the likes of him, the Boleynys, Audley and Cranmery. God help him, I pray. God let him see the error of his ways, I pray. God free him from the counsel of Lutheran heretics, I pray. They say they will implement reforms, separate this great realm from our Holy Father, descended from the rock of St. Peter. Virgin Mary, Mother of God, I pray you interceed. Save England. I beg you.

After praying the rosary with Margaret, I decide I need to warn my beloved friend Bishop Fisher. Together we hold firm. Together we remain pious. Together we lay all in the Virgin Mary’s hands; through her, His will be done. Through her, we gain our strength to remain true to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. God help us. I fear we will be martyred if the Emissary of Satan has his way, and the King’s Supremacy becomes law. As scripture teaches us, we first must obey the word of God, as taught by His Holy Father, our Pope and his disciples. Then we obey Caesar. I give to God what is God’s and to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Harry once knew this. Harry once embraced this. Then he was bewitched by the whore, and counseled by her and the evil low-bred counselor she patronized. Cromwelly errors in his strategy. He is creating a monster. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts completely. I bring my quill to paper.

Dearest Bishop Fishery,

I hear you struggle with pain in your hands and feet, and I pray for you. May the blessed mother bring you comfort with your ailments. I need tell you that the Emissary of Satan, the King’s Secretary, did visit my home today, sent by His Majesty to inquire why I failed to attend the Coronation of the new Queen. He further took great pleasure in informing me that the succession will change to the child the Queen now carries. What does this do to poor Princess Mary? In the eyes of the secular law, will she be considered a bastard? Further, he questioned me as to my opinion of the King’s supremacy over the church, insinuating law will be passed to confirm such in England. The man went so far as to refer to Our Holy Father as the Bishop of Rome. I assume Cromwelly will be paying you a visit sometime soon, if he has not already done so. God help us, Bishop Fisher. 

If you have not already heard, our poor rightful Queen Catherine suffers much indignity. I was told by the Duke of Suffolk that she receives no allowance to pay for the upkeep of her home or her servants wages. He further relays that Her Majesty remains strong in her conviction to remain faithful to her Roman Catholic teachings, and she gains much comfort in her suffering for the blessed Virgin Mary. May we follow her example in the very difficult days ahead.

In The Grace of His Holy Father, Thomas Morey

I fold the letter, affix a wax stamp and sprinkle holy water on the parchment. Then I call over one of my few remaining servants and instruct him to deliver it forthwith. I need to cleanse the sin I was exposed to, pay penance for allowing it into my home. As I move to my prayer room to begin my holy flagellation, I feel my hair shirt against my skin, a reminder that all sin. I enter, light my altar candles, disrobe and drop to my knees. I grab the whip. Before beginning, I pray. “Oh Holy Blessed Mother of God, our Virgin Mary, please interceed on my behalf. I have sinned by allowing Satan in my home, allowing Satan to preach his sinful message. For you and God’s glory, I begin the penance. Amen.” I strike my back… again… again… again. Fade. To. Black.

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