The Frog is Dead….

Boston Tea Party December 13, 1773


The state of affairs here in Boston is intolerable. George III has closed the port, all commerce halted, all goods needed to feed and clothe our populace beyond our reach. Does the bastard intend to starve us into submission? Force us to bend a knee to his tyranny? Compel us to follow his rules and laws with no Parliamentary representation? I abhorred the actions of my fellow Bostonians back in December, but now I am not so sure that resorting to barbarism may be indeed needed to quell the malady that ails us. Maybe Sam and John are right. They push for change through violence; I push for change through governance… the establishment of democracy through constitutional law. Perhaps the answer lies somewhere midstream, as Abigail suggests. Her love and wisdom tempers me… calms me, humbles me. Thank God, otherwise most would find me intolerable as already some do. This night I venture to the Green Dragon Tavern to meet up with my cousin and friend to discuss our concerns of the day and prepare for our representation at the Continental Congress that will commence in Philadelphia soon. As I arrive, I find them already in earnest conversation at a table near the bar.

Samuel Adams: I see my cousin and wave him over.  “John, do join us. Listen here to Hancock. He is going on about the port closure and ramifications to us all.”

John Hancock: “Here John, let me pour you some ale… and listen. I learned this day Parliament is demanding we pay the East Indian Tea Company restitution for all the tea dumped in the harbor to free the port for commerce, until which point they will bleed us dry. First, they want to restrict the goods we can buy, then tax us on those restricted goods, then punish us when we rightfully protest such tyrannies. They wish to bring Boston to our knees by starving us. They will not succeed. Damn the Brits.”

John Adams: I am irate at hearing this, and add indignantly, “Listen, I have word that Parliament also has passed a law chastising the people of Massachusetts, also requiring residents of the Massachusetts colony to house British soldiers in our very homes, with additional powers to seize our barns and businesses for the same purpose. Gentlemen, when we arrive in Philadelphia, we must convince the representatives from the other colonies that the tyranny extended towards one colony is a tyranny towards them all. If we do not succeed, Massachusetts will stand alone, and Britain will make an example of us most pitifully.”

Samuel Adams: I hold up my ale stern in toast. “Hear hear… and may the bastard King George go the way of the old French King, dead… dead… I wish the bastard dead!”

John Hancock: I laugh heartily at Sam and wonder how these two men are from the same blood, Sam so animated and friendly, John so serious and blunt. I jokingly say, “Sam, be careful when wishing for the King’s undoing. Many a British subject has been hanged, drawn and quartered for wishing a monarch harm. Keep in mind, from King to Cromwell and then from King to Cromwell again, t’is was illegal activity to even THINK a thing, let alone say a thing.” I hold up my ale stern in toast. “Hear, Hear! I toast the death of the French King Frog XV and toast the unthinking Brits! May they rot in hell… tar and feather them all, I do say!” All patrons respond, “Hear hear!”

John Adams: As always, I need to reign these two in, calm them down, so they listen to reason. “Enough of the tar and feather talk, and who cares right now about the old dead frog king? We must focus men, focus. We must plan our strategy, and plan it well… plan how we convince the Southern slave owners to join our cause, the Tories, and the New York delegation that will fight us every step of the way. This is our chance gentleman. We must passionately state our case, unite these colonies, and insist we declare our independence from British tyranny once and for all. No middle ground, men or Massachusetts will whither on the vine, our Puritan forefathers ashamed of what they willed us.”


~~~~~~~~~~ FADE TO BLACK ~~~~~~~~~~







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