Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time; I had the world at my feet.  I arrived to a foreign Kingdom, with hopes and dreams. With the illusion of a happy life and ambitions as a future Queen.

 I was sad in the journey; because I left my family behind, knowing very well that I would not see them again.  But the winds were strong and day by day I was closer to my destiny.

 Then I was presented to my Prince… Arthur; gracious and honorable; even when… love was not there at the moment, my heart was beating fast.  I still remember the words on his letters…he was gentle, kind and loving, even when we have not even met yet.

 We were so young, so fragile in the hands of a hard fate. And in the blink of an eye… I lost him.  I lost him before we could share the promise of a loving life as husband and wife.

 I regret Arthur’s death… but I do not regret the fact that because of his illness… I was still pure to marry again… and then, the proposal came and I met Henry; my strong, audacious, gallant and passionate Henry; the only man who knew me… entirely; even when he denies that fact; that I keep and remember, as the best moment of my life.

 But I failed, I did not please my King with a living son and now I am paying the consequences.  Now, a younger, healthier woman shares his bed, and if her dark forces are strong she will probably deliver the King a son… the heir that it was not allowed for me.

 Once upon a time I was a happy Queen, now… I am only the remains of that past.  My spirit is sick, my heart is broken, and my body is in pain.  I am a shadow that haunts around with tears of rage and sorrow.  The only living fruit of my love with my King was taken from me too; and I know, that she, my daughter, is suffering even more than I.

 Once upon a time I was alive… now, I am a dying soul.



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