The lonelyness begins.

~Sir Charles Brandony is announced and I receive
him~ Brandon, please ~motions for him to sit in a chair by the fire, I sit as well~ Have you heard the news of the Cardinal Thomas Wolseyy? The insufferable man has deceived me once more Charles. ~ looks him in the eye~ what would you say in this instants?
Charles Brandony I sit down by the fireplace, next to the King -“Your majesty, I never liked him nor trusted him. He is greedy and he only seeks for power, he cares only for himself. I warned you many times before about him, and I bet I wasn’t the only one. Thank God my Lord, you finally opened your eyes… He has been deceiving you for years and years now”- I say and sip my wine. I eye him closely, he looks angry but somehow relieved.
Henry Tudory I shall have his head Charles…….
Charles Brandony I stand up and walk around the room -“Indeed my lord, to be honest… I’m the only one you can trust”- I touch my chin and nod … -“Yes, he deserves death… he is traitor”-
Henry Tudory I may be hated for the time but my people are faithful to me. They need to hear of the truth. There are books Charles that say I am the all mighty as King. These books show how the Holy Bible has been misused in the Holy Roman Church for thine own purpose! ~slams my hand on the table between us~ I WILL BE A FOOL NO MORE
Charles Brandony ?’Oh God’ … I think to myself and watch him … He is speaking nonsense, but anyway .. -“Your majesty, you know that I’m not fond of religion, in fact I don’t really care… but whatever you say is fine to me. Indeed you are the King of England, you are our head, not the pope. You rule this kingdom, not religion”- I add.
Henry Tudory ?~thinks of what he says, he has betrayed me as well. I look to his face as he touches his chin, I do love this man, I can trust him~ Please see too his formal execution. I am done with this man.
Charles Brandony ?-“I will my Lord… do you need something else?”- i ask curiously and head to the door.
Henry Tudory That will be all~~walks to the window….stares out…..feeling very lonely~

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