Here I am, taking a rest from my chores of the day in the Lady Anne’s chamber, I am in a corner, alone, watching the courtiers come and go. Suddenly I heard a man shouting: “His Majesty the King”.  In an instant, I see everyone bowing  before the King; I see him coming closer and closer to where I am, I can barely move, but I do a big effort and I curtsey with elegance before him, and as I expected, he did not see me.

For a reason I cannot understand, I feel my heart breaking.  Why it hurts me so much the indifference of the King?  I must be content with that, He is in love with the lady Anne and I am nothing to him. But the truth is, that I would give all I have for see my image in his eyes; if he only turn his attention to me just for a second, it will be like be close to heaven for me.

These hidden feelings I have for the King are a cruel torment, but I must keep them that way.  I need to control what I feel, and eventually, forget this fantasy.

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