A Dark Vision

Hever Castle

 I am walking through the gardens, I feel so well and so proud; Anne is with child, she is carrying the King’s son; she has been blessed and all of us with her.  As soon as the Crown of Queen Consort is placed on her head; England will change; we will be free of the dark doctrines and superstitions of the Catholic Church, England will see the light and my ancestors will rejoice in heaven, because the Howards, as well as the Boleyns,  will shine and rule after a long time of slow prosperity.


I kneel near Anne’s favorite tree; I remember how she used to play with George and Mary here when she was a little girl; climbing it, running like a wild creature; oh, how I miss those days; when my children were just that… children.  Now all is different, and even when all seems to be perfect, I am still afraid. King Henry Tudory is… is not an easy man…. He has a dark side I can feel it, I grew up in his court, I was part of his childhood, I watched him for a long time and I know that there is a force inside of him, that is not good; he is strong just like Anne, they share the same fire and that, could be really dangerous.  I must pray, I must pray for Anne’s safety and success.  I must pray for George, I am really worried about him too; since he was a little boy I know he hides things from me; like if… if he is afraid that I discover something. His extreme desire to please me and his father makes me think that he is not happy at all, that he is not content with his life. And also I will pray for my marriage; if I could recover Thomas’s love; my joy would be completed.


 I close my eyes, and I concentrate; I prepare my spirit to be in communion with God; since I believe He is everywhere and there is no need for buildings of wood and stone to speak to Him.  I feel my soul in peace, I feel no longer as myself, I am in a deep level of meditation, and when I start to pray…. Something strange begins to happen, I see darkness before me, and then a light… then I see an open space; and a path made of stone, the sky is grey and the wind is cold; as I walk through the path I see Anne and George upon a scaffold, Anne looks pale and with tears in her eyes, George is scared, then I see a man, totally dressed in black with a white mask on his face, he carries a sword in one hand and an axe in the other; I want to help them but I can’t, then I see blood, a river of blood coming towards me, I scream, I scream to the top of my lungs and then I open my eyes; to my surprise I see myself on my knees under the tree; I wanted to pray for the safety of my children and marriage and… I ended, seeing the worst nightmare of a mother; what was the meaning of this vision? Are my children in danger? No it cannot be! Why? His Majesty loves Anne, she is carrying his child I don’t…. Please God, in all your mercy, keep my children safe; protect them from enemies known and unknown; Bless Anne with a son, a healthy son; is the only thing she needs to rule alongside the King without fear; please God, I beg you.


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