Wolsey’s order of arrest

~~~The Guard announces Nicholas Carewy and Mister Thomas Cromwelly~~ Sir’s ~~~pours them a glass of wine~~~
    • Nicholas Carew ?~I hand the king another letter~

    • Thom Cromwelly As you can read, there is quite treasonous behavior illustrated. Also, other letters may have made it through to intended party, although we did our best to intercept all of them.

    • Nicholas Carew For all we know, he has written Suleiman the Magnificent.

    • Nicholas Carew And, or John the Pious of Portugal.

    • Nicholas Carew Multiple acts of treason. Pity he has only one head to cut off.

    • Nicholas Carew Say the word. I shall get Constable Kingston in the morning, and we’ll go arrest him.

    • Henry Tudory ?~~~takes the letter from Sir Nick and glance over. I hear what these men are saying to me but a fire burns over me~~ That deceiving BASTARD! IF EVER THERE WERE A MAN THAT I LOVED AND TRUSTED……..Charles Brandony should be the one to handle this arrest but that will do Nick.

    • Nicholas Carew I have jurisdiction there, Mr. Kingston has jurisdiction here.

    • Nicholas Carew Charles is away in Suffolk.

    • Thom Cromwelly <~~~~~ is silent

    • Nicholas Carew ?70 miles away.

    • Henry Tudory I am well aware of where Brandon is. And the jurisdictions of my realm. Nick, do go and arrest the man. I will summons The Duke to my palace to disscuss matters.

    • Nicholas Carew At your pleasure, majesty.

    • Thom Cromwelly Is there anything else you require, Your Majesty?

    • Henry Tudory No Mister Cromwell that is ALL!!!~~~nods to them both and waves my hand to dismiss them….the ANGER…THE RAGE…..~~~

    • Thom Cromwelly <bows and retreats>

    • Henry Tudory ?~~~~END~~~~

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