2/9/12 The First Time Ever I Lay With You…. (Thread)

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Thomas Cromwelly: I am a mess. I truly am. I am completely distracted at court, unable to concentrate as my mind is always on her. I haven’t slept well since I met Nicoleen, and when I do, she is in my dreams. And the fortune she told? Three children? Who is the mother? I have to know. I just have to. I clear off my desk, grab my cape, leave court, and ride out to her home. As I dismount Spades, I become anxious. Am I doing the right thing? By coming here, have I placed this beautiful woman in danger? God, please help us. I swallow hard and knock at the at the front door.

Nicoleen Sedena: My heart stops beating as I hear a knock at the door. No one ever visits me here. I venture to them. A thought enters my mind, could it be him? I look out and see Spades. Oh Gods, it’s him. I can hardly breathe. I walk to the door and shyly open it. ”Mister Cromwell did the King send you here?”

Thomas Cromwelly: Oh my heavens, Nicoleen is exquisite. I have never seen her without the cape, and she is even more beautiful than I imagined. I can’t help myself. I can’t take my eyes off of her. ”No Nicoleen…. I am so sorry. I came on my own. I hope I did not frighten you.” I am now so nervous, she can likely hear a slight tremble in my voice. ”I am hoping you could answer a question for me.”

Nicoleen Sedena: I open the door for him and motion for him to enter. I nod to him and motion for him to sit down. He is beautiful. I do not allow him to see me looking at him. I wish to search his face but no. I cant. I pour us both some wine, may-hap this will lighten me. I am most uncomfortable for I most always can read a persons intentions. I can only read him as I do myself. Which puzzles me. I see he is true of heart and one that I desire to know. No I can’t. I hand him his wine and sit across from him. ”What can I answer for you Mister Cromwell?”

Thomas Cromwelly: ”Thank you for the wine. Please… please call me Thomas.” My heart is beating fast, and my palms are sweaty. I swallow hard. ”Nicoleen, I must know. If you could tell me, I would be forever appreciative.” Please God, you know my heart’s desire. Let me hear it now. ”Who is the mother of the children you foretold?” There, I said it.

Nicoleen Sedena: I just nod when he thanks me for the wine. Taken a back by his question, and yet again at a loss for words. I not merely sip my wine but take a log drink. ”Thomas, I have a set of what is known as runes. They were freshly cast. May I read them for you?” As I wait to hear him answer I walk to the shelf where the new runes are. I bring them to him. ”You need to pull 3 stones.” Oh my Gods, I can feel his heat. I am so close to him. I think of his sweet kiss. If only……..

Thomas Cromwelly: Oh my… she is going to read my runes. ”Okay, Nicoleen… if this is how the answer shall be discovered, I will do all you tell me.” God, I know this is not of the reformed ways, but I must know. I must. Please forgive me. I close my eyes… I have no clue why, but I do. I then select three stones. ”There you are Nicoleen. What do they tell you?” Oh my… she is so beautiful. I resist an urge to kiss her, and await her reply.

Nicoleen Sedena: Takes the stones, I look at the stones and am speechless for many moments. I final pull myself together ”The first one is a new life with an old soul. The second one shows new lives come into yours. And the third” I pause and feel short of breath at the last one. After a moment I continue ”Power.” I have cast these same 3 when thinking of whom I would love, if ever. I look at him in his eyes. What is he thinking of. I wish to kiss him now. Oh my Gods. I cant look at him. I look away.

Thomas Cromwelly:  I try and digest what Nicoleen is telling me, and I notice she is avoiding eye contact. Oh my, I am frightening her. I try and lighten things. ”My… my… that is all quite intriguing. I am looking forward to these ’new lives’ coming into mine.” Do I go there? Yes, I must. ”I am a little disappointed, though, as I really wanted to know who is the mother of my children.” I lean over and gently place my hand on her face, and look directly at her, and nervously ask…. ”Nicoleen, please tell me. Who is the mother?”

Nicoleen Sedena: As he touches my face I feel something I have never felt before. Never. ”Thomas” I begin and lower my eyes ”I am unsure but,” I place my hand on his but still can not look at him. ”It may be me.” Fear of him rejecting what I have said sets in. Gods help me. I need him to either walk away now or comfort me for anything else I can not bare.

Thomas Cromwelly: My heart is full and I am near tears. I gently raise her chin up and speak softly. ”Look at me, Nicoleen… Yes, your palm reading and runes have spoken. You will be the mother of my children.” I kiss her softly, and then again a little more passionately. ”I need say, I am falling in love with you. There is no denying it.”

Nicoleen Sedena: As he kisses me I close my eyes and drift. Passion rising inside me. I can not deny this. Be it the fate of the cruel Gods are the love of the Goddess’ As he pulls away and speaks these words I feel loved and not rejected as I feared. I look into his beautiful eyes. ”I can not deny it either. It is late Thomas, will you stay the night with me?”

Thomas Cromwelly: I am overwhelmed with feelings of love mixed with anxiety… love for this beautiful woman, and anxiety for the shared dangers that lay before us. I look at her, eyes welling, and say simply, ”Yes, dear.”

Nicoleen Sedena: Looks up at him ”Can you hold me for a while?” You make me feel safe Thomas, can I rest in your arms?” Takes him by the hand and sit on the bed. I pat the bed beside me. ”Please just hold me. I have never been held.”

Thomas Cromwelly: ”Shhhhhh…. don’t be frightened, Nicosa. Just lay on you side, dear.” Oh my, she has never been held? That so touches my heart. I take off my boots and my dublet, and I lay up against her like two spoons in a draw. I wrap my arms around her and draw her in close, and run my fingers through her hair. ”Shhhhhh…… relax, dear. Tonight let us just lay together. Know I do love you, and will never hurt you.”

Nicoleen Sedena: Does as he says and rolls to my side. I feel a rush I have never felt before. He runs his fingers through my hair. A few tears drop. I am so overwhelmed with emotions. I can’t speak. I just nod as he comforts me with his words and drift to a sleep that is, unearthly. It is a haven.

Thomas Cromwell: As I lay beside her, I feel my arousal build. I do nothing with it, and just hold her close. As she drifts off, my mind is racing… organizing… planning, how to keep us safe… how to keep us secret… how to build security for us and these babes the stars foretell. God help me.

~~~~~~~~~~ fade to black ~~~~~~~~~~

Reformation Martyrs Killed by “Saint” Thomas Morey

January 16, 2011 in News by Royal Squire

Martyrs Killed By “Saint” Thomas Morey
by Thomas Cromwelly on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 10:09pm

Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

The following individuals were murdered by burning at the stake by Sir
Thomas Morey while Lord Chancellor of England:
1. Father Thomas Hitton was arrested January 30, 1530 in Gravesend as
he was making his way to the coast to take a ship to Anthwerp. He at
one point was living with William Tyndale, and returned to England for
a short visit to contact supporters of Tyndale and to arrange for
distribution of smuggled books.
2. Thomas Bilney was arrested in March 1531 and brought in front of
Bishop Nix of Norwich. He was burned August 19, 1531.
3. Richard Bayfield was a leading trader in the Testamnets and other
Tyndale books, a Cambridge graduate and former Benadictine Monk. He
was arrested Easter 1531, imprisoned at the Tower, tortured for
confession and executed by burning,
4. John Tewkesbury was arrested three weeks after Bayfield. He was
held at a Porter’s Lodge at More’s Chelsea home, with pinioned hands,
feet and head in stocks for six days without release. More then had
Tewkesbury whipped, twisted his brows with small ropes so tightly his
eyes bled. Tewkesbury was then sent to the Tower and racked.
5 James Bainham was arrested, tortured and burned alive during the
summer of 1531.
During his short reign as Lord Chancellor, More had at least 10
Reformed Christians burned alive. Countless more were permanently
maimed by his tortures in the Tower.

Source: http://www.reformation.org/sir-thomas-more.html

Pope makes bigoted papal persecutor the patron saint of politicians!!
“Pope John Paul II has announced that he is to declare Sir Thomas
More, Lord Chancellor of England during the reign of Henry VIII, the
patron saint of statesmen and politicians”(BBC Special Report).

Pope makes bigoted papal persecutor the patron saint of politicians!!
?”Pope John Paul II has announced that he is to declare Sir Thomas
More, Lord Chancellor of England during the reign of Henry VIII, the
patron saint of statesmen and politicians”(BBC Special Report).

12/1/11 Letter and Holiday Gifts To Sir Thomas Morey

January 16, 2011 in Historical Fiction, Tudor Y Writer's Group by Royal Squire

Letter and Holiday Gifts for Sir Thomas Morey
by Thomas Cromwelly on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 10:01pm

Dear Thomas,

I neglected to extend my best wishes on your retirement from your
position of Lord Chancellor when my men hastily moved your belongings
out of my office. Please accept my humble apologies.

I know that you are an eminent legal and religious scholar and thus
read extensively. My souces tell me that you spend much time in pius
reflection and flagellation, and read avidly. Given this, I decided to
send you along an early Christmas gift so that you can continue your
religious studies and be aided with your ailments.

Enclosed in the package is the following:

Lectures on Deuteronomy, by Martin Luthery
Selected Works of Martin Luthery
The Obedience of the Christian Man by William Tyndaley
The Practices of the Prelates by William Tyndaley
The New Testament translated from Greek to English by William Tyndaley

You will note that the books are all aututographed with personalized
notes to you by the authors. Please don’t be offended by the notes.
They know you not like I.

Also enclosed you will find a pagan elixir prepared by one of His
Majesty’s closest friends, Lady Nicoleen Sedena. His Majesty reports
that this elixir works miracles in pain relief, which I am sure you
will appreciate after wearing your hair shirt or after flagellation

Happy Christmas!

Thomas Cromwelly,
Chief Minister and Secretary to the Realm of England and Wales

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Thomas Morey I read the letter and before opening the package get a
pair of gloves, so my hands do not directly touch the reading
materials and elixir. I then open the package, and book by book, throw
the items into the fire. I then take the elixir, and…See More
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11/27/11 Letter To Henry Tudory Re: Monasteries in Dover

January 16, 2011 in News by Royal Squire

Letter To His Majesty Henry Tudory
by Thomas Cromwelly on Sunday, November 27, 2011 at 5:21pm
~~~ To His Benevolent Majesty Henry Tudory ~~~

As commanded, I have toured several monasteris, abbies, and nunneries
in and around Dorset. I arrived at each location dressed in common
gentry attire, and I do not believe anyone was the wiser who I was or
the intent of my visits. I am pained to report that I witnessed many
irregularities during my travels. For example, at Forde Abbey
parishers are charged moneys to pray to “saintly relics”, told if they
do, they will be purchasing tickets to heaven. I gave a parish priest
10 crowns, and he said if I increased my payment to 50 crowns, not
only would I guarantee my place in heaven no matter what sins I
commit, but also to all my children and children’s children for all
generations hence. At Sherborne Abbey I witnessed three nuns heavy
with child, and false idols used to trick parishoners to give money in
exchange for a variety of miracles, such as plentiful crops and
healings of a variety of ailments and such like.
Your Majesty, these abbeys and monasteris, they are filled with
riches. The building are ornate, gilded with gold and stained glass.
Idols are decorated with the finest of jewels, and are a plenty. The
lands are vast, and rich of soil. If one were to extrapolate the value
of the few properties i have seen to date, and then mutilply them
across the entire realm, we are not estimating thousands of crowns, or
even hundreds of thousands of crowns, but instead — don’t think me
mad, pray tell — millions of crowns. Your Majesty, these treasures
and funds generated from the sales of land and building is rightfully
YOURS, not the See of Rome, not the Bishop of Rome, not the Holy Roman
Emporer, and not the Roman Catholic Church. I dare say, you shall be
the richest man in Christendom. And, not only that, should you sell
these proporties at below value prices, you shall gain the undying
loyalty to all for whom you sale these places.

I admit freely, when I worked for the Cardinal Wolesy, may he rest in
eternal peace, I closed and consolidated some small monasteries on his
behalf. These minor properies funded Colleges at Oxford and Ipswich.
If such be so, just imagine the possibilities here. Not only do we
route out the sins a plenty going on in these places, but your
treasuries will be over-flowing, to be used at your pleasure on behalf
of this realm, which for now be a pigmy, but through your leadership
shall become an empire even greater than Spain.

Thomas Cromwelly

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