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Welcome to Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers (QAB), a website biographical and historical fiction writers, bloggers and poets. At Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers, there is a home for anyone who loves to write history. Have you always wanted to write a blog, but have no where to host it? Look no further. We will create blogging capability for you here. All serious inquiries are welcome. For more information, feel contact site administrator Beth von Staats via our Contact Us form. Please refer to our FAQ/RULES page for more information.

The written work on this site, whether threads, prose, poems, notes or commentary is the intellectual property of the author. No author’s work is to be copied, shared, or fed to another website or blog without the written consent of the author.





Blogging: At Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers, members and interested writers may request to establish a blog on the website. Blogs are set with category names, and blog posts will categorize in date order, newest post to oldest. Current blogs include: “The Final Days of Anne Boleyn”, “The Coronation of Anne Boleyn”, “Y Historical Writer’s Group”, “Guest Writers”, “Published Writer Interviews and Chats”, “QAB Book Reviews” and “Uncovering The Most Happy”. Role Play Courts are allowed to blog their threads, as well. Feature imaging on the front page will most commonly show the four most recent Diary Entries (Blog Posts), but the website reserves the right to manage the feature imaging based on special entries and events. All members are welcome and encouraged to publish Diary Entries without restriction so long as the basic website rules are adhered to. For more information contact Beth von Staats at Contact Us.





Blog Tours: Do you have a work of fiction or non-fiction history book or anthology releasing? Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers is a frequent and popular stop for many writers during their marketing Blog Tours. If interested in paying a visit to QAB, contact Beth von Staats at Contact Us.





Book Reviews: The website administrators will occasionally post Book Reviews on the website of worthy published authors’ works. Authors or publishing marketers can request reviews, and we will accommodate as many requests as possible within our time constraints. Independently published authors are welcome to request reviews of their work. Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers’ mission and guiding operational principles is to SUPPORT writers, so the site reserves the right NOT to publish a review, and in doing so, will not publish reviews potentially damaging to the authors submitting works. Front page author highlighting is at the invitation of the website only. For more information, contact Beth von Staats at Contact Us.






Guest Posts and Guest Articles: Writers interested in submitted Guest Posts are encouraged to contact us at the website.  Guest posts of a historical nature are particularly desirable. Authors who wish to link the sale of their books on to their guest posts are permitted and encouraged to do so. For more information, contact Beth von Staats at Contact Us.





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