3/7/11 All In A Day’s Work…

March 7, 2011 in Historical Fiction, Tudor Y Writer's Group by Royal Squire

Thomas Cromwelly: Today has been a day filled with meetings, first at Parliament and then Privy Council. I have no clue why I bother with the council meetings, as none of the Lords have any interest in what I have to say, or even His Majesty. They basically spend their time pushing their own pet projects to pad their pockets. Worse yet, I am stuck in the same room with Morey for hours. The man makes me cringe each time he opens his pius mouth. You would think you were in the presence of Pope Clement himself. Finally, I can read through my correspondences. Deep in concentration, my page clears his throat and announces the Lady Mary Boleyny. I look up from my work, and there she is, sister of the queen. Prettier I am surprised to see. I raise up and bow politely, “Well good afternoon, Lady Mary. Do come in and sit down.” I hold out a chair for her. Once seated, I inquire, “May I get you some wine then?”

Mary Boleyny: I nervously approach Mister Cromwelly, I have heard so much about him but never laid eyes on him. He does not seem at all like what I was thinking. I sit down and shake my head no to his offer of wine. “Thank you, I am quite well. His majesty and I were discussing some issues for my son, he told me to see you to settle the matters before I leave to visit my family’s home for a week. ” I reach up to pull a piece of hair and twist it as I wait for him to speak. I do hope that the King has told him why I am here.

Thomas Cromwelly: I place the pitcher of wine down, and return to my desk and seat myself. “Why yes, Lady Mary. His Majesty in his benevolence wishes that you enjoy respite from court to enable you spend time with your children. He has taken quite an interest in them, and desires they have their mother’s care.” She appears nervous. I do that to people and have no clue why. I try and say reassuring, “Lady Mary, I have arranged for your safe transport to Hever Castle, and also transport for your son Henry to meet you there.” I motion the page and scriveners to leave my office, and state quietly, “William Stafford will escort you safely there and back. Lady Mary, I have ‘resources’. Do know I will say nothing, but shall the truth be known, there is nothing I can do to assist you.”

Mary Boleyny: He does know why I am there, I breath a sigh of relief. I cannot wait to see my children and to hear that both will be there makes me almost burst into tears. I nod to him and blink the tears back smiling at him, then he confirms that Will shall be my escort. Now I cannot wait to leave. “Your assistance is much appreciated in this matter. Thank you so much,” I smile again and then look up at him, “you will say nothing yet you will assist me? I believe that I know why and I will thank you in advance, I have many enemies as a Boleyn so I will take all the friends that I can. Thank you again.”

Thomas Cromwelly: I look at her, and state plainly. “Lady Mary, the gesture is for him, not you. Do know that. As a Boleyn, the world is your is at your feet, laid before you. There is no easy way for the common man. I state this so you know his is road is paved with toil. No comforts await at his hearth. Do not toy with the man unless you are willing to make the necessary concessions. It’s a life I know well, and you know not — at it’s not an easy one.”

Mary Boleyny: I bite my lip and feel uneasy again at once. He knows about us, how is that possible. No one knows or do they, I start to stammer and wise for my sister’s quick words. My words always come out a dreadful mess, so I stop and just breathe in for a moment before I speak to him softly and calmly. “I do not know how you know of him and of us but I will assure that I am not toying with him.” I gaze around us and then whisper to him, “I love that man and do not care if his roads leads us to the pits of hell. I plan to be by his side. I know my path as a Boleyn but that is not the one for me, I am making my own path with him. Do not worry, I plan not to hurt him.”

James' View From His Post. All In A Day's Work.

Thomas Cromwelly: “Lady Mary, as secretary of this realm, it is my reponsibility to work solely for His Majesty’s best interests. When a personal matter comes to my attention that holds no conflict with his, there is no need to take it further. I work for the King, not your sister, and certainly not your father. I will be taking this matter no where, as it is no concern to His Majesty or to the realm. Now, you best be going before people wonder why you are here is my office privately. Please do let Will know I am pleased with the mare. Many blessings.” I get up, and hold her chair out so she may rise.

Mary Boleyny: His words still burn in my ears as I quickly rise. I nod my head to him and leave the room. I do not know how he knows what he does but I will not ask. I leave the room quickly to my own more than ready to leave court for the peaceful quiet of Hever.

Thomas Cromwelly: As Lady Mary nods, I bow politely. I ponder, “A Boleyn with an eye for a common man? Well, blessings to them. T’is no affair of mine.”

~~~~~~~~~~ fade to black ~~~~~~~~~~