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    The seventh King Henry is dead, long live the new king, his Majesty, King Henry VIII. The dark, dull, shackles of the medieval days are gone and a new age has arisen. The young, handsome renaissance king is now on […]

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  • Group logo of Z Court - King Arthur Reigns
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    Set in 16th Century England, Arthur Tudor reigns as king. Z Court, an alternate history writing group, explores how the history of England would have changed had Arthur Tudor lived. The threads, essays and poetry […]

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  • Group logo of UK Court: The Six Wives and Other Lives
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    THE LARGEST and one of the FIRST ROLEPLAY GROUPS ON QAB! We incorporate both the actual history as well as inspiration from historical-fiction, T.V shows, films and novels. We are creatively democratic and members […]

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  • Group logo of S Court - The Stuarts: The Lion Rampant
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    Join us in writing the 17th century unification of the Scottish and English crowns under the Stuart dynasty. From Mary, Queen of Scots to ”Bonnie Prince Charlie”, relive the days of Elizabeth I, Cavaliers and […]

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  • Group logo of War of the Roses: The Beginning
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    ”To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning” So opens the Tudors saga, but the true origins of the Tudor story begin with the reign of the Plantagenet kings and the inevitable […]

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  • Group logo of Haven…A Legend of the Old Southwest
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    January, 1862. With the American Civil war
    less than a year old, a rebel army of Texans under
    General H.H. Sibley seeks to invade New Mexico
    territory to claim it for the newly christened […]

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  • Group logo of The Tudors SV
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    King Henry Tudor’s Court was full of Romance splendor and Scandle, who knows what really happened with in his walls but What would have happened if Anne Boleyn would […]

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  • Group logo of Kingdom of Isis
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    Writing group exploring ancient Egypt and the reign of Queen Cleopatra, the Ptolemy dynasty and the burgeoning Roman empire. From the rivalries between Cleopatra and her siblings. To her romances with Caesar and […]

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  • Group logo of Tudor Q Court ~ The Rise of the Seymours
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    This group is for announcements, messages, recruitment and planning of notes and threads for the Tudor Q Court.

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  • Group logo of Hampton Y Court
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    Hampton Y Court focuses upon Henry VIII’s most trusted servants, Thomas Cardinal Wolsey, Saint Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell, Thomas Audley, and Thomas Wriothesley. Special emphasis is also be placed on the Q […]

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  • Group logo of At the Edge of Renaissance A ♕
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    Crown A court, is a court originated to explore the last stages of the medieval time and the ‘era’ changing events that took place ‘at the edge of Renaissance’ – If you want to be a part of the Rennaissa […]

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    The Tudor saga continues with the ascendancy of Elizabeth I to the throne of England. Join us in the glory and adventure of the era of England’s greatest Queen. From her rise to the throne, assassinations, love, w […]

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  • Group logo of Royal Wedding of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Princess Catherine of Aragon
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    This Group Highlights the Royal Wedding of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Princess Catherine of Aragon

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