General Rules
While Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers supports and encourages freedom of speech and the right to artistic freedom, we have just a couple rules that must be followed to make the site enjoyable for everyone. We like to keep rules simple and straightforward, so you will find the rules basic, common sense and general common courtesy. These rules apply to every part of Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers, and anything officially associated with website:

Age Requirement  ~~ All people participating in this site must be age 18 or older!! No exceptions!!

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: All writers will make a best faith effort to write within the grammar, punctuation and spelling standards for the dialect of their nation of origin — or their English education if writing as a second language. There is no differentiation in the quality of writing presented based on varying accepted British, American, Canadian or Australian rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

No Lurking/Harassing/Trolling
Deliberately provoking arguments is unacceptable. You will be banned from the site.

No Spamming
Spamming is not allowed. Examples of spamming includes: 1. flooding (repeating messages over and over); 2. mass Private Messages to members; and 3. using any part of the website to advertise a product or website.

No Harassment, Vulgarity or Cyber-Sexing:
We require everyone to maintain common sensitivity. Examples of this include: 1. no racist, bigoted, or excessive vulgarity; 2. no cyber-sexing; and explicit pornography. This should all be common sense. If you want to engage in such activities, go elsewhere to do so. Any child pornography posted on the site will be removed from public view, archived, and provided to legal authorities with no exception. 

No Disrespect
All of our members are expected to treat one another with respect at all times. Intentional disrespect in any fashion will be met first with a warning, following by an immediate account warning or full-on ban, at the discretion of the staff. We understand that Character Reenactment will sometimes include “mock” arguments. Be aware that this is to be contained within Reenactment, and all rules will still apply.

NO VULGAR CHAT STATUS! NO VULGARITY IN THE GENERAL CHAT!!  Take private things to private chats!  Chat status is not for arguing, it is for fun, so use good judgement.

No Arguing
Take disagreements it to Private Messaging. Public intelligent debate is welcome, but when your post contains insults or personal attacks, you are in violation of this rule, and your post will be edited or removed entirely. Also, this a writer’s website, not a place to pick fights.

Communication All membership accounts need to be “friended” to the admin account Royal Squire to enable the website administrator to send a private message when necessary and so members may contact the website administrator with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Rules For Reenactment
Anyone can create a Reenactment Character. If the historical figure you are interested in is taken, please contact a member of our team and we will be happy to work something out with you. We always have new and exciting characters awaiting writers. All writers are welcome to post diary entries and are afforded author status so long as the website rules listed on this page are adhered to. Website Reenactment rules are as follows:

1. Reenactment titles must be consistent with publishing guidelines.

2. Adult content reenactments including sexual content, excessive violence, and explicitly sexual or violence photography or art must be tagged with “18 PLUS” and must follow collaboration guidelines. Adult content is permitted on Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers. All adult themes must: 1. be tagged appropriately as “18 PLUS” and password protected, and 2. be collaboratively written so as not to clutter the story. Sexually explicit (kissing, fondling, etc.) interactions must be concluded immediately in the responding author’s post and must be separated by other non-adult writing; 3. all diary entries must be headed at the top with which ever advisory applies: 18 Plus Sexual Content; 18 Plus Violent Content; or 18 Plus Sexual and Violent Content. Help keep Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers a fun and creative role play output, not a basement erotic site. Also, please understand that any one browsing the website can see all diary entries that are not password protected, including minors. You are free to release the password to other members of the website and other adults, so long as this is not done in the general chat or other public group chat. Passworded material will be moved off feature imaging if it is preventing open Diary Entries from being easily and readily viewed by browsers.

3. Non-original reenactments must be tagged with “fanfic” and must linked to the copyright holder in the description.
We must categorize and correctly attribute all content to its appropriate sources. If you create a reenactment based on your favorite character, you must include links and ownership rights to the original Author and Owner, including artwork and music. This can be placed on your profile page. If you are posting artwork or music, please include links back to the owner. Any member of the Queen Anne Boleyn Role Play Team can help you with this.

Originally hosted on facebook, these reenactment forums include writers from a variety of countries and backgrounds. This website itself was developed to enable writers, poets and role players a forum to practice their craft in a safe environment without the hindrance of rules inherent on social networks. There are a number of roles currently available in the role play courts.

4. If reenactment courts on the website have specific courts rules regarding posting guidelines, such rules must be provided to all writers, be posted clearly in the reenactment groups, and be consistently, uniformly and fairly enforced. Court admins have the authority to select their participants and request writers leave their courts when appropriate. People do NOT need a court affiliation to write on the website, and only the website owner/admin has the authority to require someone to leave the website itself. In such circumstances, website rules, not court posting rules, are taken into account in decision making.

5. QAB frowns heavily upon the practice of God-modding, which when engaging in written role play is best described as any author writing the actions and intents of another author’s character without pre-knowledge and approval. If you have questions about God-modding, feel free to contact your court admin or the website administrator.

Feel free to explore the Tudor Realm on this website.
Contact us. We welcome your feedback.
Royal Squire

***** The “original” written work’s on this site, whether threads, prose, poems, notes, short stories, articles, book reviews, interviews or commentary are the intellectual property of the authors who wrote them . No author’s work is to be copied, shared, or fed to another website or blog without the written consent of the author. *****


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