Dead Voices

Dead voices… that’s all I hear in my disquieted mind; Dead voices… gnaw my heart raw, capture my soul; Dead voices… a gift, a curse,... Read more

A Quill Discarded

Beyond words on parchment, I am nothing; Beyond a voice in the wind, I am stone; Beyond a vision in your mind, I am blank... Read more


  In the Church of St. Mary’s, I stand close beside her; She weeps as her dearest Thomas calmly speaks his mind; His recantations coerced,... Read more


Though she begs to sing, her voice is gone; Though she begs to see, all light is gone; Though she begs to reach, the dead... Read more

Fade. To. Black.

Sleep. Peace does not come easy. Voices. Ghosts do haunt my mind. The scratching sound of quill to paper. A law? A stanza? A poet’s... Read more


Poison, my words are poison; Painful, they hit their mark; Complicated, they do bewilder; I love with all; I am too dark; Vallaria, please do... Read more

Waste Away

I’m waiting… waiting;  I lay here waiting. Longing for your voice; I pray you speak to me. Longing for your touch; I pray you hold... Read more

Here, But There

We are one; the same, but different. We are one; here, but there. The door knocks; her world unravels. Close, but far… I watch her... Read more