Until We Meet Again.

What ho me old muckers come closer

An I’ll tell a tale to make thee smile.

There’s this merchant what tried to outbid me

I tell you it fare raises me bile.

See, I was down by the dockyard

An I ‘ad me eye on this load.

I thought I was in with no problem

It was lovely, all alamode.

Then upped this strange looking geyser,

I ‘eard ‘e was from somewhere called Venice.

When he saw ‘ow good I was doing

‘e gave me an eye that said “menace”.


Want to ‘ear more? Well fill me jug then as talking gives and edge to me thirst.



I clocked ‘is look and I wondered

What is exactly your game?

Do you just want to outbid me

Or is there summat else that you claim?

‘e ducked an’ ‘e dived with his bidding.

Then I saw ‘e was losing ‘is cool.

When it comes to getting a bargain

You don’t take me for a fool.

Well I wins the bid an’ ‘es outraged.

A temper like you’ve never seen.

‘e stomps off a real sore loser,

Well ‘e shouldn’t a took me for being green.

Turns out ‘e was a special dealer

To royalty and such like tha knows.

An’ ‘ed promised this Duchess this item

As ‘e ‘oped on him she would grows.

Well I ‘appened to know her address

From another deal I did fer ‘er way back.

So nipped round to make ‘er an offer,

An she accepted the price for me tack.

So today I am feeling quite flush,

Oops, time to go got a meet with a friend.

Not four legged this time but two.

Farewell, until we meet again.

©Michael Birchmore 2013


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