Thoughts of the Seymours

Edward, Thomas, and Jane Seymour sit together discussing the news that has been spreading through court like fire. They shake their heads wondering how the king has exchanged Mary Boleyn for her sister, Anne. Edward slams his drink down and wipes his mouth with his sleeve wondering about the ramifications of the king having a new paramour, having already known her sister.

Edward Seymour UK Z: My brother and sister, you both clearly see how changeable the King is these days. Going from a pretty but dull girl to her less pretty but very intelligent sister without even a shadow of shame. He is very vulnerable now, especially tis said The Queen is officially barren. *amused grin* Im absolutely positive the ever greedy Howards will push for the Crown and should they succeed we should all remain in the King’s and Lady Anne’s good graces. But should they slip…and somewhere along the line im sure they will…*looks at Jane* we seymours will be there to pick up the pieces…and our fortunes.

Thomas Seymour UK: Be guarded in what you say, brother, about the king’s ’Nan’ Boleyn”

Mischief sparkles in my eyes, looking at both my siblings I rise and sip some ale, then shake my head

” Have you not heard, my dear brother and sister……….SHE IS A WITCH”

My arms outstretched, as if a bird in flight I speed around the table to Jane,

”She can read the thoughts of everyone and fly”

I lean over Janes shoulder, ”Whispering” but all can hear,

”She has legions if demonic lovers in the dungeon of Hever Castle, where she practices the art of seduction”

My voice returns to normal,

”Have you not noticed her six fingers, Jane? A sure sign she practises in the demonic acts”

I return to my, seat, take another gulp of ale before, flopping into my seat, smiling at my humour!

”So be guarded dear brother, she may drag you to Hever, and have you join the demonic legions !!!”

Sitting up, I study my siblings faces.

”If the king is fickle?” I say, sitting up and loosing my smile,

”Then he may be fickle again!

When he drops ’Nan’, which he may”

I look at my brother, nodding

”I agree, we should have someone to console our king, in his hour of torment”

I look to Jane

”Who better than you Jane? You outshine the Boleyn wench, and would make a fair bride for our king!”

Edward Seymour UK Z: Thomas. I agree with your last statement but i must ask… *sighs*…..What the hell did you put in your ale?! *facepalms* Ugh. This is politics. Not illogical excuses for the unprivileged. Act like you have some noble blood and some sense in that thick skull of yours. This is serious and could make or break not only our family but the entire realm. And it all depends on His Majesties flighty attitude and they way we play on it.

Jane Seymour UK Z: *Laughing at Thomas’s antics* Really Thomas be serious! Who has sold you such rumours? *laughs* Which laundry wench is it this week?

*looks at Edward steadily, smiling sweetly* Why dearest brother, I am a devoted servant to the Tudors and will obey our most royal King and Queen. However, *arches eyebrow* I am not a common harlot like the Boleyn’s. What has Mary left to show now the King has abandoned her? You wish the same for me?

Thomas Seymour UK:  ”Relax Edward”

I grin, taking another mouthful of ale,frowning as I swallow,

”Jane, my darling, I don’t consort with ’wenches’, your brother has high standards” I grin across the table towards my pretty sister.

”The Court and it’s intrigues are nothing but a game, when all is said”

I select an apple, take a small bite, the continue in my humorous way,

”Our King is fickle! But also intelligent, he poured through legal documents, to annul his marriage!

He will break with the Papacy! ”

My voice looses its humour but

I gesture with the apple,

”This has nothing to do with, ’Desire’ or ’Love’! He wishes to define himself as our absolute Monarch, who answers to no other!”

Taking another bite I lean forward,

”That strumpet he beds now, will not survive, unless she provides him with a son! Henry’s eye wanders every day. ”

I rest my arms on the table, spinning the apple around on the table top, I concentrate on each turn of the apple’s motion.

”We have 9 months to prepare, Henry has ”trophy” if she fails to produce an heir, he will look to a beauty who possesses all the qualities of a perfect mother and wife, whose beauty is subtle, not glamorous, but that if an English Rose…….”

I stop the apple spinning and look towards Jane…………

Edward Seymour UK Z: *looks at Thomas* At least your paying attention to current events. *smirks* Of course, Jane, we would not want you to give away your that which your greatest asset on such a fickle man. The body isnt the only thing that attracts a man. If i did not know you, sister. I would peg you to be a Queen in disguise. You are soft spoken and obedient, and good natured, the qualities that the King will most like to see in a wife. Lady Anne’s temptress and temperamental ways will serve her good for now but afterwards, if the king marries her, they will be part of her undoing.

Jane Seymour UK Z: *smiles softly* You are too kind Edward *dryly* Those are qualities which Anne certainly does not possess, yet the gentlemen of this Court still fall at her feet. *smiles at my brothers* I shall certainly make the best of wherever the tide may bring. Though I do not wish to be the oldest maid a court!

*looks towards Thomas smiling* oh dear brother, you will always listen to a pretty face- it will lead into trouble one day!

Edward Seymour UK Z: *smirks* Never that, dear sister. I am positive that tis not your fate. As for our brother here, his antics or flirtations…or both will come to enlighten him something serious im sure. *chuckles lightly*

Jane Seymour UK Z:*arches eyebrow* We shall see Edward. I hope you are right.

Thomas Seymour UK: Tired of the serious tone the conversation has taken, I climb onto the table and sit cross legged in front of my pretty sister!

I grin at Edwards protestations, throwing the apple into the air I catch it in my left!

Reaching forward, I take Janes hand in my right, looking deep into her eyes, I speak softly without breaking my gaze,

”Sister, I would never allow you to be used and abused by anyone!

If that provides me with a room in the Tower, or my head on the block…”

I shrug,

”Then so be it.. ….but understand my dearest….”

I gently squeeze her hand,

”The events that surround us, enable you to be the saviour, protector and patron of this estate, these walls, our goods and chattels, our servants, our beasts, and all that we hold dear!”

I glance at Edward,

”Even us, your brothers, will be your servants. You hold the ability to protect the generations to come, to prevent the demise of our family, even elevating us to to the Ranks of Royalty!

Only you my dear sister have the power and ability to do this!”

Softly lowering Janes hand, I grin and slide off the table,

”Or….you could stay the ’Maiden Aunt’ to Edward’s Brood, it’s up to you!”

Winking at both my siblings I pour some more ale!

Jane Seymour UK Z: *My eyes follow Thomas, smiling* You are a true and devoted brother, I am blessed to have two such brothers *turning and smiling at Edward also* However, I do not wish to be the ’Maiden Aunt’! Surely that cannot be my fate! *laughs*

Well whatever may come, may we be on the right side… no matter what this obsession with Anne Boleyn may bring. *steals Thomas’s ales and drinks*



Written By: Mary Rose Tudor UK Z, Edward Seymour UK Z, Thomas Seymour UK and Jane Seymour UK Z





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