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Lydia Leonard as Queen Anne Boleyn

Photography Credit: Royal Shakespeare Company


At Queen Anne Boleyn Historical Writers (QAB), there is a home for anyone who loves to read or write about British history. QAB is a website designed as a safe haven for biographical and historical fiction writers, bloggers, online re-enactors and poets. 

Have you always wanted to write a blog, but have no where to host it? Are you interested in online re-enactment or seek a host for a guest article, short story or flash fiction? Look no further. We will create blogging capability for you here. Whether your interests lie in English and Welsh Tudor Era history or any of the variety of facets of British history, you are welcome.

The easiest way to navigate the website is through the category drop down menu, located in the left column under the heading “Blogs & Courts”. Hover and click on “Select Category” and explore the extensive content here at QAB available for your enjoyment.


Anne Boleyn’s Lament

“Oh death rock me to sleep…”

Video Credit: Voices of Music (You Tube)